Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Nails


I know I am simply a lowly American but I was still pretty interested in the Royal Wedding today. I did not however get up at 3 or 4 AM to watch it but as I am typing this, Amanda and I are watching the recap of the wedding on TLC. I thought it was lovely! William and Kate were so cute, and its so obvious how much they are in love, its very sweet. The dress, IMO, was just okay. I know *gasp* because everyone is praising it to no end but for me, it was very simple and understated. I do love the lace sleeves and the tiara but it was too simple for my taste! =P So that's my 2 cents on it, I hope its not too insulting to anyone British and I'm not out of place!

I've wanted to do a union jack (I don't know if that's supposed to be capitalized...) on my nails for a while now so I figured today would be a good to do it.

For my union jack, I used my navy creme from Fashion Bug called Dark Denim for the blue base, SH XW White On and SH XW Cherry Red with a striping brush for the white and red stripes. I topped off with Seche Vite. I am very proud of how these came out! They are by no means perfect and macro shows off all my minor flaws but I love them anyway, they look great, if I do say so myself!!

Please ignore any minor chips, I took a shower and they chipped!! :( Also, ignore the red smears, crooked lines and imperfections!!

Thumb detail, I think either this one or my middle nail came out the best!

I hope you guys liked them, especially anyone British and I hope I did justice to your flag!

Oh and *fingers crossed and knock on wood* hopefully our Zoyas will come in the mail today!! *squeal* I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!! Although I am sad because our order got messed up and now I am apparently not getting Rica... :( Oh well! If they do come this afternoon expect a VERY excited post from me with bottle pics galore, Zoya skittles and a pedi!! AHHH! I'm gonna go crazy when they come!!

Enjoy your Friday and thanks for looking!



  1. I didn't notice this among all the other posts on Friday! Props to trying this! I'm still too scared and impatient for nail art. Ahhh! Have you tried Konad?

  2. Thanks! No, I want to try stamping though! Plates and supplies are on my birthday wishlist so hopefully I will get to soon!!
    I think nail art is fun and rewarding even if it isn't perfect! The time it takes is worth it! You should give it a try!


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