Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Green Wed. #4


Today's polish is actually not a Sally Hansen or a Sinful!! Aren't you shocked!!? I've had this polish for a very long time (for a polish life), about 3 years or so and the formula has just gotten worse! I seriously need some good thinner, or some Seche Restore. I also have a confession. I used to be very goth. Like wearing all black, pants with chains on them, black eyeliner, occasionally black lipstick, thought I was bad ass, goth.

(I just spent a good 30 minutes trying to log into my myspace and/or my photobucket accounts and I guess the young teen me came up with some very cryptic usernames that I can't remember... I was trying to find some old pictures of me to upload to prove that I was once really kinda "scary" but thats a bust. I have a new computer now than the one I used years ago so I don't have any old pictures on this computer... I never thought I would need to. When I go home this weekend I will use the old computer there to log into my old accounts and find some pictures... just because this is gonna bug me now.)

Annnyyyyway... long story short, I used to shop at Hot Topic a lot, like for clothes. (Yeesh, I know!) And I had a ton of bottles of their black nail polish, mainly because the bottles have a skull on them and I probably thought that was way bad ass. :) I did use to have super long nails (because they freaked people out) and I always painted them plain black. This was like, in middle school, 6 years ago. I know, I'm a young'in. I don't remember when I bought this particular bottle of polish that I'm sharing today but I used to have like 3 bottles of black, a sparkly black, purple and red, a highlighter yellow and orange, a blood red and a blue. I have no idea where the others went. I only have this one. And I won't be buying more. Why? A) They have no names, which bugs me no end B) The bottle design sucks. The wand always detaches from the cap! C) The formula sucks, its either super thin and sheer and takes forever to dry, or thick and gloopy and still takes forever to dry. This neon green was the latter. It was like applying white school glue to my nails. I had to work to make it even lie flat on my nail and then had stringiness everywhere!! It took over an hour to completely dry even with my SH Insta Dry top coat... is was still tacky and dentable. Plus it dries sort of satiny, not matte, not satin, like a plastic finish. I hate it! So why bother? Because I love the color, duh!!

These pictures are color corrected because this color freaks my camera out and it comes out as a lime green, which its not. This was opaque (?) enough (I didn't want to work with it anymore!!) in 2 coats and I added top coat because I hate the plastic finish. This is similar to Sinful Irish Green in color but more opaque.

And yeah, I know, my one long nail (my middle) looks funny next to the others but I don't want to cut it... its gotten so long!! :) I just hope the others with start to grow out more so it won't look as weird. But I'm leaving it as it is!!

This is a weirdly pixelated and grainy picture but its the closest to color accurate... sorry!!

And then, because it had dented a lot on my right hand, and the color was a little too bright for my mood today (its another rainy, crappy day in which I have an 8 AM Algebra class and some homework due for my History of English (bleck!) class... yeah today sucks.) I added over top Sinful (see I just had to use one of my safe brands!!) You Just Wait which is a gorgeous pinky gold with a strong green flash, sheer layering polish that I convinced Amanda to get.

I really love this combination!! Although I do think it similar to Sinful Happy Ending (which I've shown you a few times...) but I like this better because it has a subtle pink glow and its more iridescent and less straight-up shimmery, it has a little something special in the finish that I like. I'm not sure what it is...

See, its mainly green and gold...

But then you get some pink... and yes its really there, thats not just the lighting or the angle. You can see it all the time. But its subtle.

So this wraps up this weeks Green Wednesday. Which do you like better, the green alone, or with the Sinful on top? Or have any of you ever tried a Hot Topic polish before? I'd be curious to know if my experience with them is just a bad one or if everyone has issues with them? Please comment if you have the time or if you would like to, Amanda and I both love hearing from you guys! It makes it feel like we're not just doing this for no one!! :)

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!!


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