Monday, April 4, 2011

Girly Spring Leopard


This is gonna be a short and sweet post today. I will probably do another post later today or tonight showing my current manicure. This design I wore on Saturday. I was inspired by Emily's Nail Files's leopard design. Her blog is one that I have found recently and she does some truly amazing nail art that I just had to try and copy. Since I don't have a peach color I used my most recently favorite pink and green colors and switched around the order of the colors from her mani. I also wish I had a nail art pen like she has but alas, I have only my Kiss Nail Art Paint which has a striper brush which is very difficult to paint the rounded little "c"s; they always come out too square shaped. I was pretty happy with these and thought I'd share them since they're spring-y and happy. I used two colors which I have recently shown you; Jade Jump as a base and Tickled Pink for the "blobs"... you can probably just scroll down to see my posts on those :) And then I used my Kiss Nail Art Paint in black which I need to replace because its getting way too thick which made this even more challenging.

These pictures are in indoor lighting with flash.
Left hand with ring nub because the left came out the best since I am right handed...

The top coat smeared it a little but not too badly... the thickness of the Kiss paint also made for the stringy-ness... and again, imagine the pink as being brighter... my camera hates me.

My left thumb came out the best... ignore my skin in this... my camera hates me and my skin evidently...

Right hand with the horrendous smearing on my ring nail... ugh.

Upside down right hand... haha!

So what do you think? Do you like the color combination?

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!


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