Monday, April 4, 2011

I've Got the Blues!


I know I'm posting a lot today... I just had a lot backed up and some time to do it and am feeling up to it as well. I've seen on some other blogs, blue swatches for April which is Autism Awareness month. My dad is a special education teacher who works with many kids with autism every day and he is also going back to school and is currently taking a class on autism. My cousin also works at a center for kids with special needs, many of whom have autism. I have also had friends who were on the autism spectrum as well know about the disorder and feel it is close to me. I have struggled with mental illness since I was young, battling depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. I've been in therapy for several years as well been on medication. Its not a topic I particularly like to talk about but I will share it now because autism is a mental illness and I feel like I can relate to the millions who suffer from it. *Whew* It just got really deep in here... lets get away from the serious stuff since I'm honestly not comfortable talking about it in depth.

I decided to start a little project I'm calling I've Got the Blues For Autism Swatch Marathon Month. I'm super excited about this!! I decided, actually the idea came to me in shower, to swatch both Amanda's and my collection of blue nail polish! I didn't realize how much we had together though... namely how much Amanda had. Its the majority of our collection actually. Combined the two of us have a total of 138 polishes... 70 for her and 68 for me. I have 12 blue and she has 20 making a total of 32. 32 out of 138 is 23% of our whole collection which isn't the majority but its sure a lot!!

So I decided to break them up into groups to make this a little easier, and swatch one group per post.

Group 1: Light blues and glitters
(L to R) My franken "Baby Boy", SH ID Blue-Away, Sinful Nail Junkie, Nicole Me + Blue, Pure Ice Strapless, and Sinful Green Ocean (looks blue over black and has a blue-ish tint in general)

Group 2: Medium/Bright blue cremes
SH XW Blue Me Away!, SH ID Brisk Blue, Sinful Fly Away, Sinful Why Not, The Color Institute Bodacious Blue, China Glaze Flyin' High (a lot of these are dupe-y if not dupes!! Must compare!)

Group 3: Darker/Navy blue cremes
SH XW Pacific Blue, Wet n' Wild Saved By the Blue (not supposed to be here, OPI Sapphire in the Snow is supposed to), SH Complete Salon Thinking of Blue, Pure Ice French Kiss, Fashion Bug Dark Denim, My franken "Blueberry Blast" (actually a jelly) (will compare some dupe-y shades!!)

Group 4: Dark/Purple-toned Shimmers
Sinful Hot Spot, Sinful Midnight Blue, OPI Sapphire in the Snow (supposed to be Wn'W Saved By the Blue), Nicole Too Rich For You, Wet n' Wild Rain Check, Nicole You're S-Teal the One

Group 5: Green-toned Shimmers
Wet n' Wild Bijou Blue, Sinful Love Nails, Sinful Gorgeous, OPI Catch Me in Your Net, Wet n' Wild Teal of Fortune, Nicole Iceberg Lotus, Wet n' Wild Caribbean Frost, and Nicole Respect the World (Matte) (again a lot of these look dupe-y to me, will do comparisons!)

So... what do you think of my idea? Are you excited to be bombarded with blue swatch spam!!?

Again I hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!!


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