Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Wed. #5 Polka Dots


I know this whole Pink Wednesday has been going around on many blogs and it seemed to start at the same time as my Green Wednesday, which I think is weird. I think I'll continue to be different and do my version!!

These two colors are from the China Glaze Spring 2008 Ecollection (I had to look that up!!) and yes these two are Amanda's again... I seriously need to get some money and get some new polishes. My birthday is May 17th so hopefully I'll have fun posting birthday hauls!! I'm asking for the new Color Club Starry Temptress collection, The half of the China Glaze Anchor's Away collection that has Starboard (with Hey Sailor!, First Mate, Life Preserver, Lighthouse, and Ahoy!), the OPI On Stranger Tides collex, a bunch of China Glazes and drug store brands, a Konad stamper and scraper, a black and a white special polish, some Bundle Monster plates and of course SV.

This mani was done using 2 coats of SH XW White On for the base color. I'm impressed with White On, its nice and opaque, although I found it to dry slower than other XWs I've tried, but that may have been due to my heavy first coat. Then I made dots with my dotting tool using China Glaze Tree Hugger (green shimmer) and Shower Together (teal creme). This pattern of 2 colors of dots was really easy and I found it much easier than doing one color actually!! So expect lots more manis like this one with different colors. I finished with a coat of my SH top coat, but I should have used Amanda's SV because the TC smeared Shower Together, and ended up turning the white kinda blueish. I waited an hour before top coating too!! Grrrr... (UPDATE: Since I began this post this morning before actually taking pictures...) Then today I did put a coat of SV on top to protect it since my right hand had already chipped!! I needed batteries for my camera so we took a walk in the rain to Rite Aid where I also picked up 2 new polishes, which I'll show you eventually, they're a green and a blue, drug store brands, nothing special.

I really hate how my skin either photographs as pink/red or sickly yellow. Yes, I'm very very fair skinned and have a pink tone to my skin but my skin is not actually pink!!

You can see the awesome shimmer in Tree Hugger here on my pinkie if you look close...

This is closer to color accurate... the teal actually looks darker IRL.

And then I realized I have a pair of socks in almost this exact same pattern!!

Haha, its close! I swear this mani was not inspired by the socks, I just thought it up! I must really like this pattern a lot more than I thought!!

I also dressed to match the mani today... I have a lot of green and blue clothes.

I'm wearing a teal tank top under my green hoodie in case you couldn't tell. Yes, thats my chipped right hand, sorry! I couldn't pose and take a picture with my left because of how my camera is... Oh and that ugly lump on my middle finger, yeah I've had a lump there forever. Its not a wart, more like a callus, because of the way I hold a pen/pencil when I write. I KNOW MY NAILS ARE STAINED AND GROSS! SORRY!!

I really like this combination and think my nails look longer and nicer with it on!!

Let me know what you think of it!

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!



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