Saturday, April 2, 2011

Come Fly Away With Me

So the weather out yesterday was a cruel April Fools Day joke (it snowed here, on the first day of April!) and it didn't help that pretty much every school in my state was canceled, except for my college (god forbid they ever cancel classes when it's snowing out!) so I still had to trudge across the campus to go my classes. Since the weather was less than stellar, I wanted to try a nail color that was bright and reminded me that spring would eventually come to New England: Sinful.

This is Sinful Colors Fly Away. It's a beautiful bright medium blue creme. I got this one at my hometown's Walgreen's when I was home for spring break. This applied great, and the above photos are all two coats of Fly Away with a layer of Insta-Dri topcoat on top. I was able to apply this color to my nails while getting very little on the skin around my nails for once (one of the reasons why I really like Sinful Colors a lot because the skinny brush they come with works great with my skinny nails) so clean up was very minimal today. At first I thought that this was a very similar color to Sinful Colors Why Not, but upon comparison, this blue is a bit brighter than Why Not.

 Then I decided to try another diagonal French after I put Fly Away down next to my new bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away (the other nail polish that I bought at Rite Aid on Monday). I added one coat of this pretty light blue creme over Fly away.

And then to Fiona's suggestion, I added Kiss Nail Art Paint in Silver over the diagonal line that separates the two different blues from each other. I was actually able to work the striper since I had used Fiona's white one before, and it didn't work out so well (that might have been because it was a little bit too thick to work right). I really do like this a lot; it's springy while a bit winter-ish at the same time (kind of like the weather we had here yesterday!).

So I hope that you all like this, and see you all later!


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