Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm On Crack!


So... I caved. I tried crackle. And surprise surprise, I FREAKIN' love it!! I NEED it in every color now!! I shamelessly copied this mani from this. I going straight past "inspired by" and right to "copied" even though I used different colors than her. As soon as I saw that, I knew I needed it on my nails! So I used the crackle polish that Amanda got from our little local salon downtown. Its not any brand I've ever heard of... this is what the back of the bottle looks like:

This is what I used to do this mani:

SH XW Lacey Lilac, WnW NERDS Need Love Too, SH XW Green With Envy, China Glaze For Audrey, Sinful 24/7 and the black "Crackle Shatter"

I started with one coat of Lacey Lilac. My bottle has gotten weird after using it a lot... it needs thinner, but the good thing is now its opaque in one coat, it just applies like glue... haha! Then I made random dots all over my nails with the other colors, not going in any pattern, some going on top of eachother, it was very messy!! I would never wear this as an actual mani... although maybe something similar if it were a little neater.

Then I went over it with the crackle!

I love this look so much!! I left the crackle matte, so there's no TC in this mani. I liked the matte effect though and didn't experience any chipping!! This crackled really well, I think! Its comparable to pictures I've seen of OPI Black Shatter IMO. Some nails crackled better than others... like my middle nail, which was my favorite! My pinkie was kind of a fail because I applied it a little too thick so it didn't crackle as evenly or as finely so it didn't look as good. It just kind of globbed up. I like the effect of the fine crackles within larger crackles as in my middle and index.
I got a few compliments on this during Biology lab today. My lab partner, the same one that asked about the polka dots a few weeks ago, wanted to know where she could buy crackle and was very fascinated by it!! It was so funny! :) My lab instructor also commented on them. She likes polish as well... not as much as say a nail blogger does, but knows about it so she immediately mentioned the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection with the silver shatter!! :) She's a pretty cool lady, but making up tromp through the woods in the cold and snow (!!) and count plants is not so cool.

Here's a few more pictures... I can't help myself!!

Close up. Dagger nail is back!! Also, see the awesome lighting bolt that formed in the middle of my middle nail... that was so amazing to me!!

Haha, posing with my mini fridge...

Let me know what you guys think of this!!

 Also, I'm sure you saw our post about the Zoya exchange. Well I wanted to mention along with that that I am soooooo freakin' excited to FINALLY own some Zoyas!! I am exchanging 8 piece of crap polishes (including my first ever franken that I have named "Strawberry Barf" which I think I just literally mixed my entire collection at the time together in one bottle... yeah  I had like 4 polishes then so its pink, purple, green and blue I think. Not hot.) which means I'm getting 8 new Zoyas!! YAY! My first ever Zoyas! I've ordered: Mimi, Faye, Crystal, Rica, Ivanka, Zara, Dannii, and Jolene. Purple, blue, green, pink... mostly sparkles!

I hope you guys enjoyed your Thursday and I'll post again tomorrow for Earth Day!!

Thanks for looking!



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