Friday, April 15, 2011

Nerds Need Love Too!!


I hope you all are enjoying your Friday!! I am looking forward to a lazy weekend of doing no work! I am in a particularly good, cheerful and girly mood today for some reason... maybe it has to do with the sparkly lilac polish by a certain Canadian pop singer on my nails (One Less Lonely Glitter by Nicole from the Beiber line, anyone?) which I will probably post on later today or tomorrow even though Amanda already posted on it (click the Nicole or glitter label...)

But today I am showing you a new (?) polish from the Wet n' Wild Wet Shine line. I saw this at Rite Aid on Monday in a "summer" display which was neglected and dusty looking. Rite Aid was also having a sale on Wn'W polishes which are usually 99 cents (a steal anyway) for 40% off!! So this polish was like 55 cents!! Awesome deal!! I'd never seen nor heard of this color and it reminded of the beautiful SH Blue-Away (which I've shown you like a billion times) I could see some pretty purple-ish shimmer in the bottle but sadly that disappeared when I put it on. But what did happen when I put it on was a transformation from the dusty blue bottle color to a bright, clear, and clean sky blue!! Its so pretty! I needed 3 coats because there was some drag at 2 but its pretty opaque and dries fairly fast! I think I will be reaching for this one again in the future. Plus the name make me laugh, NERDS Need Love Too, though I wonder why the "nerds" part had to be capitalized... Sorry for the lack of clean up. I always think its not too bad until I photograph it and then the macro shows how horrible it is. I was just excited to photograph this and I think its probably still a little wet in some pictures!! Oh and this is without top coat, so yeah, its really that shiny!!

GIGANTIC PIC SPAM!!! (as always from me!!)

Its a little shimmery here with the flash, but its also showing way too bright!!

This is more accurate.

I hope you liked it! Thoughts? Enjoy your Friday!!

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!!


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