Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Finally Back to Posting! Amazing, Huh?

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to apologize to all of our followers and readers out there for the extreme lack of posts this summer. I'm just not happy with myself over it since while I did have sometime this summer in which to post, I had a lot of cool colors that I wanted to show you guys but didn't. I literally didn't have the energy in which to do so or the time, and when I did the nail polish on my fingers was destroyed from work. But that's over with now, and I'm back to posting regularly once again.

Tomorrow Fiona and I are going back to school. We were supposed to be going back over the weekend, but due to "Hurricane" Irene hitting New England (where we live), our school pushed move-in day back to Tuesday, the 30th. It was probably a good thing we weren't up there just because of the extensive flooding part of our campus suffered. I'll have to go take pics to show you the water levels; it's just mind blowing to see how high the water is and all the buildings and other things underwater.

But I do have pics to show you of a couple of the Zoyas that I bought during their last insider promo. I have to share with you today Zoya Norra and Jem,

Zoya Norra Norra is from the Divas collection that was originally released for Fall 2007. This is quite the interesting color. In the shade, this color appears as a red-tinged plum with a hint of silver shimmer in it like Zoya Marley. In the sun, the color appears as a maroon color or as a red-violet color. This was three coats of Norra with a coat of base and top coat. The formula was great just like any other Zoya polish that I have.

 I had ordered Norra as a spoon from Zoya, and I kept coming back to it when I was trying to decide on colors to order. The color intrigued me because it wasn't like anything else that I had in my collection. Norra is a shade that can be called a 'sleeper shade' since it's an awesome color that isn't that well know or as popular as other colors. I'm very happy that I got this color. It's a great color for fall/winter or an anytime color. 


Zoya Jem. Jem is from one of this year's Fall collections called Mirrors. Jem in person appears to be plum colored with red/pink and bronze colored sparkle to it (as shown in the bottle).

Oh. My. God. This is such an awesome color! Jem is like the little kid sister of Zoya Yasmeen (based on color) and Valerie (based on sparkle). If you mixed Yasmeen and Valerie together, you'd get this color. I know that a lot of other bloggers are saying that Jem and Valerie are dupes of each other, but I've compared Jem to a spoon of Valerie, and they are different enough to me that you could have Jem and Valerie and be fine. But then again I think that Jem is closer to Yasmeen than Valerie.....

I also can't stop looking at this color since I put it on Thursday just because it's such an awesome color to look at!

The next two photos are a little blurry, but you can see the sparkle in Jem a little better.

Did I mention how awesome she is?

Jem gets a big old HA BISKY!!! from me!

And since I haven't posted in a while, here are a couple photos of our family dog, Hunter. He was watching me take pics so I snapped these two photos of him!

"What 'cha doin'?"

Thanks again everyone for reading!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey Look, I'm Posting!!


Hi guys! Well, the mood struck and I felt like posting today. Mostly because I made this awesome franken last night that I just have to share with you guys. I've been frankening a lot lately. Mostly due to my desire for new polishes and my broke ass can't buy any new ones so I've been making "new" ones. I've had some successes and some fails. My recent fail you won't get to see because I dumped it out and tried again. That one was actually my first attempt at what ended up being this one. That one began with about 1/4 Sinful Daddy's Girl and 1/4 Orly Blue Collar with assorted glitters thrown in. Note to self and all frankeners out there: do not mix a dark jelly with a dense creme. You will get a funky dark gray blue color that is like Zoya Caitlin but ugly and chunky and sticky.

What I was trying to make was a purpley blue mulicolored glitter. The key is to just mix glitter polishes and don't try to make a base color because the base color will overtake the glitter. All of the glitter polishes I have are in the blue and purple family, besides being silver, so I figured why not mix them all together!!? And it worked out beautifully!

I call it Brittany S. Pierce (more on that in a minute) and here's the recipe:
About equal amounts of each (I only filled a 15 ml bottle about 1/4 full):
Zoya Roxy
Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing
Pure Ice Beware (fine silver glitter)
Pure Ice Strapless (fine blue glitter)
Pure Ice Cheatin' (fine blue/purple/pink glitter)
Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope (chunky holo glitter)
Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

And a shake a shake a and voila!! Gorgeous! This actually shakes together so nicely too. Ugh, I hate shaking together dense cremes, I actually bruised my palms rolling a bottle back and forth while frankening... =P

So the name. I'm a recent Gleek, and a total and complete Glee fan its ridiculous. I just recently watched the whole first season on Netflix and then was able to find a site that had all the episodes for the second season as well. I was hooked immeadiately!! Its so so so so so good, I'm in love!! While I was frankening this polish I was listening (and singing along to) Glee songs so figured the name has to be something to do with Glee. I know $OPI (Sephora by OPI) did a Glee collection either this year or last year... anyway. They named the polishes after most of the characters but skipped a lot of them. One of which is Brittany, the adorabley ditzy Cheerio, who's one of my favorites. I think her character is one of the funniest on TV!!
Watch the video, this has the best Brittany moments. I know its 9 minutes long but its totally worth it!!

I really think Brittany would like this polish (I hope she would!!) especially because its sparkly and has rainbow glitters!

Here's some more pictures. These are all indoor under my LED desk lamp because its raining.

Oh and this is 3 coats with no SV because I'm all out. Plus, I think you guys will notice I've cut my nails. I liked them long but I was terrified of a bad break and with fall coming and the start of wearing darker colors (not that I follow seasons anyway) I think darker colors look better on shorties.

Well that's it. Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for looking, commenting and following!!

Have a great day/night!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Because Once Again I'm Procrastinating?

Yeah, I have stuff to do before I can go to bed, but I'm procrastinating by watching YouTube (again), and watching the boys from The Microwave Show microwave.... makeup!

So, if you've even wondered what would happen if you microwaved a bottle of nail polish, acrylic nails, AND foundation at the same time, well, watch the video below and find out!

Hope you all found that funny or a little entertaining!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Best Blog Award

I'm back from the dead! Okay, that's not true at all, but I'm finally able to post for the first time in a while! I am really sorry about it, and I feel bad that I haven't gotten to post more this summer. But I'll be done working full time in less than 2 weeks so I will be posting regularly once again towards the end of August.

Also to my own (and my parent's) amazement, I haven't bought a single bottle of nail polish in a month. I couldn't believe it until I looked at the calendar and realized I hadn't bought any polish in a while. But then I've had to use the money I've been making to buy stuff for school. I think the only reason I got through a month of not buying nail polish is by redeeming my Zoya spoon credits for spoons. I'll have to show you all of the spoons that I have, it's kind of crazy all of the spoons I have. But anyway....

So, Ha Bisky! Nails was nominated for the Best Blog Award by Lady Luck a week or two ago (see how behind I am once again?)! She has a pretty ha bisky blog so you should go check it out! Thanks again Lady Luck!

-You must link back to the person who awarded this to you! 
-Share 7 random facts! 
-Award 15 blogs and answer the questions listed above! 
-And send the ppl awarded a comment letting them know! 


1. Fave Color - pink!
2. Fave Song -  I have to pick just one? 
3. Fave Dessert - chocolate creme pie!
4. What is pissing you off - certain co-workers 
5. When you're upset you - hold it all in till I either cry or tell a friend.
6. Fave Pet - cats. While I love dogs as well, I like cats just a bit more : )
7. Black or White - black, white gets too dirty quick.
8. Biggest Fear - having a tumor grow back on my spine after 14 years of being healthy
9. Best Feature - I try to help anyone out who needs help.
10. Everyday Attitude - try to be positive, but then annoying people ruin it.
11. What is perfection - sharing laughs and good times with close friends.
12. Guilty Pleasure - watching TV shows that remind me of my childhood.

Hey, Fiona butting in because I wanted to answer these questions too! :P

1. Fave Color - Purple
2. Fave Song - It changes often but right now its The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
3. Fave Dessert - Ah, so hard to choose!! Either black forest cake or cheesecake
4. What is pissing you off - People slamming doors in my house
5. When you're upset you - Same exact answer as Amanda! See why we're such good friends!
6. Fave pet - Definitely cats!!
7. Black or White - Black
8. Biggest fear - Suffocating... being choked or smothered, and spiders!!
9. Best feature - My creativity
10. Everyday attitude - Try to put on a happy face but a pessimist at heart 
11. What is perfection - Perfection doesn't exist. 
12. Guilty Pleasure - Reality TV and making fun of famous people 

7 random things about me:  

1. I've been completely in love with American Eagle jeans since freshman year of high school.
2. I like to read fan fiction.
3. I'm a big tea drinker and I'll only drink coffee if I really need it to keep awake.
4. I used to be deadly afraid of thunderstorms, but now I don't mind them at all.
5. I like to cook.
6. I like to plan stuff out waaaay before hand so that way I'm not doing things last minute.
7. I hate it when people talk in a movie theater.

1. I prefer to watch TV/movies with subtitles on because I have a hard time understanding what people say on TV as well as paying attention to the action.
2. I might be narcoleptic. 
3. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. 
4. I still have a hard time telling my left from my right and have gotten lost driving because of it.
5. I have an obsession with drinking ice cold water and have to have a mini fridge near my bed with cold water in it.
6. I can drink a 12 cup pot of coffee and then go to sleep right after.
7. I get very agitated if I start a book or a movie and am interrupted during it; I like to read/watch it in one setting. 

- F 

Now here are the 15 blogs that I'm giving this award to! Winners are...

Congrats ladies! Look for a comment from me soon!

So I hope that you all have a great rest of the week if I don't get around to posting again this week!