Monday, April 4, 2011

A "Dreamy" Glitter Gradient


This mani idea, while not unique actually came to me in a dream. The rest of the dream is too weird to share but I clearly remember what my nails looked like, a medium purple to medium blue glitter gradient except my nails were much longer than they really are. When I woke up, I set about to recreate the mani. The tough part was the purple glitter since I knew Strapless would be perfect for the blue glitter. This is when I wished I had Nubar Violet Sparkle, Milani Purple Gleam or another dense medium purple glitter. I have another great Pure Ice glitter: Cheatin' which has purple glitter specks (wow, how many times have I said "purple glitter" in this post...) but it also has blue and pink glitter. I decided to layer Cheatin' over a purple to get the purple glitter (ugh...) effect. I think this worked out nicely.

Sunlight pictures!!

To achieve this look I took the following steps:
  1. Painted 2 coats of Sinful Let's Talk on the bottom 2/3 of my nails
  2. Painted 2 coats of Pure Ice Cheatin' (pink, purple, blue glitter) over whole nail
  3. Painted 2 coats of Pure Ice Strapless (blue glitter) over mostly bare tips of nails
  4. Painted 1 coat of Cheatin' over whole nail 
  5. Painted 1 coat of Strapless over tips
I don't remember if I am just remembering steps from a tutorial I saw on glitter gradients or if I made this all up. Either way, I just did what I thought would look good, as I went along and came up with my result. I really, really like it and have had it on for 2 days now (yeah its chipped even with top coat) I had a hard time getting the purple portion to photograph correctly... the color looks too blue. In reality its a vibrant blue toned violet with pink and a little blue sparkles. The top coat made this very glassy and smooth with one coat since Cheatin' is a surprisingly smooth glitter. I am a little scared to remove this... will be doing the foil method for sure. I know 6 coats of glitter isn't coming off without a fight!!

These indoor flash pictures are surprisingly more color accurate but don't sparkle as much as the sunlight pictures...

These lamp pictures are crap but they're the most color accurate! My skin is neither super pink nor yellow at all!!

So what do you think of this look?

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!


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