Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New England "Spring" Has Me In a Dark Polish Mood

I know that the calender says April, but here in New England, it seems that the weather thinks it's actually February out instead. It snowed yesterday, and it was April 4th! Today it rained all day and the temp most of the day was about 38 degrees. It should be in the upper 50's to low 60's out right now, not this 30's crap that we New Englanders have been experiencing for the last two weeks. Come on Mother Nature, get it together and bring some warm weather to this part of the country!

So since the weather put me in such a bad mood yesterday, I felt like wearing a dark polish to reflect what I was feeling towards the weather. This is what I ended up picking out:

This is Avon Pro Wear Midnight Plum. It's a very dark purple creme polish that while putting it on made me think of grape jelly. I actually expected my polish to smell like grape jelly since it reminded me so much of grape jelly in color. This color is very dark and can look black in certain light. This was two coats of polish with one coat of Insta-Dri top coat on top. Very shiny looking; almost like patent leather at times.

Then an hour later my dark polish mood lifted and I added two coats of Sinful Colors Green Ocean on top to brighten it up a bit. With this dark purple polish, Green Ocean actually looked green instead of blue most of the time. While I did like this, it just didn't leave me in awe like Green Ocean over OPI Sapphire In the Snow did. I ended up taking this off after I got back from French since it was just too dark for my mood after that. 

Well, here's hoping that spring will eventually hit New England (especially the Northern parts) and I won't have any more dark polish moods until the fall when I should be wearing this color polish!


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  1. I like the last pic...Its a very nice colour:) The green ocean is AWESOME:) It suits yoour hands:)
    follow me?


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