Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Not A Woodsy Kind of Gal

I am in no way a big outdoors person. The only time that you will find me out in the woods is if there's a 3-D archery shoot going on, and even then, there's flattened out trails to walk on. But that's not what I'm really taking about here. No, I'm talking about no trails, forge your own path kind of woods where there are fallen trees, steep hills that could kill you if you fall down, and rivers and streams where you gotta figure a way over since there's no bridge. That's the kind of woods that Fiona and I had to trek through today for Biological Science II Lab. And it sucked sooo much. Especially since we had to cross a stream in order to get where we were going.

Now, there were a few rocks in the stream that people were using to get across, but they didn't look all that safe to me. So instead, I found a section of the stream were it looked very shallow and proceeded to walk across. It was fine until I was almost over, and then I ended up in knee deep water resulting in me having to walk around for the rest of lab with soaking wet socks, hiking boots, and jeans while Fiona and I tried not to fall head first down a sheer drop. Yeah, Worst. Lab. Ever.

But there was one good thing that came out of lab today; a BOY actually noticed my manicure today. Yep, the boy that was in our group was taking this little see-through grid we needed for lab from me when he noticed my nails. He thought that they were so cool, and told me that they looked like fruit roll-ups, fruit gushers, and wild berry pop tarts. Then when we got back to our classroom, he mentioned my nails to the other people that were still there resulting in me being swarmed to see my nails. So besides the fact that I was soaking wet and really wanted to change my socks, shoes, and jeans, it was really nice to have a manicure of mine be noticed for once.

My manicure today is a water marble that I did with China Glaze's Secret Peri-Wink-Le, For Audrey, and Coconut Kiss. For some reason, my right hand came out a little better than my left, but I still kind of like the ring finger nail on my let hand. 

Right hand pics

 Left hand pics

The kid in our lab group was right, it does look like those wild berry pop tarts (mmm, yummy!) and even Fiona said that they look like fruit roll-ups or gushers a bit. At least something good came out of suck a crappy lab experience!


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