Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pure Ice Rio FTW pic spam!!


So here's a little story for you all today. I'll try not to ramble on too long. :) I can't guarantee anything, I am terrible at telling a short story... as you all know.

So went I went to paint my nails last night I didn't know what I wanted to do. I've been feeling quite polish uninspired since our Zoya order didn't come on Friday and I was so excited for that! They will probably, definitely, hopefully, be here tomorrow. In fact, they probably arrived after 4 PM on Friday when the campus post office closed at 4 so we couldn't get them. So they probably have been sitting there all weekend. >:( Grrrr. So expect a very excited Zoya haul post from me tomorrow with skittles, bottle porn, a mani and a pedi.
Anyway, I was in a dark, duochrome mood last night, which I am often in as those are my favorite type of polishes. I Googled several of my Pure Ice layering polishes to see what they looked like over black. I was originally going to use Busted but then I searched Rio and saw a picture by Deez Nailz with Rio over black which is linked here. I loved it. I had to try it. :)

So I began with one coat of SH XW Black Out and then layered Rio on top, 2 coats. The thing is, I did this in the dark, well, by the light of the TV, so I couldn't see it very well, just well enough to get it on pretty neatly. I waited for forever for it to dry because I have found than Rio takes at least 30 minutes to dry. Maybe my bottle is dud, because all my other Pure Ices dry pretty quickly. After it was mostly dry, I got up, without even looking at my nails and went to the bathroom. It wasn't until I was sitting on the toilet, that I looked at them and I think I gasped out loud. THEY'RE SO PRETTY! And I did them pretty much without thinking about it! Then I went to bed shortly after and I guess the Rio hadn't dried all the way yet because I had scratches and sheet marks on them but a quick coat of SV this morning completely fixed all that. Another reason why I love SV!!
Anyway, the Rio turned super iridescent, sparkly indigo (blurple...) over the black! And there's a deep plum, cobalt and magenta trichrome effect! Its so cool! It reminds me of one of the Orly FX polishes, either Galaxy Girl or Out of This World, or both. I don't have either to compare but this has the same sparkly multichrome effect! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! I wonder how I could possibly franken it. I think maybe if I added a few drops of black and purple to Rio it may work. I'll have to experiment because I definitely NEED this polish on its own. This is a perfect example of my favorite colors and favorite polish effect!! If you have Rio you NEED to try this, immediately! If you don't have it, you need it! Its only $1.99 at Walmart and mine always has it.

I tried to capture all the many colors this polish flashes so here's a ton of pictures!

With flash. This is really not very accurate but its a good depiction of all the colors kinda showing at the same time, almost. Also, I think that thing is on the cap is some polish, sorry, that makes it look like stuff is hanging off my index nail. : /

The next pictures are in the fading sunlight, and it actually looks cooler in this light than sunlight, here you can see the mulitchrom-ness well!!

This is the best depiction of the purple/magenta flash!

The awesome magenta flash with the blueness on my index!!

These next few are in desk lamp light.

GAH! SO PRETTY!! Plus, this is a little confession... Amanda and I went downstairs to the little kitchen on the main floor of our residence hall to make some cupcakes and in the freezer, in the community/hall fridge was an unopened pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream!!! Come on, people, you can't leave that stuff unattended in a community fridge, no name on it, UNOPENED!! That's just begging to be stolen!! So I did. *evil grin* I'm a bad person. But it was sooooo good!! Its the person's own fault for leaving it! So here's a picture of me eating the chocolatey goodness, and you can see my mani in action! I actually eat with my right hand, but since my right hand nails are all nubbins due to several bad breaks, I posed with my left hand!! :)

Enjoying my spoils, guiltily! Mmmmmmm!!

Also, here's a bonus picture of the tie dye t-shirt I made (yes, I made it!!) yesterday at the Earth Jam event our school had. They were free!! i just had to wait in the epicly long line for about 20 minutes to do it but I am so happy I did. Also promptly after this picture was taken, as I was eating my ice cream, I spilled a giant glob right down the front of it, to which Amanda proclaimed, "KARMA!!" Haha, she's probably right, thats what I get for stealing!! :) Thank goodness for the Tide To-Go stain remover pen!! Its maaaaggic!!

It says, "I <3 Trees" on it!! So cute!! I used a light red or "pink" for the magenta, light blue, and two different shades of purple!! I love how this came out!! And please be kind to my belly, I am standing from the side, it doesn't look so bad, but I'll say I'm definitely not skinny!
Expect a mani inspired by this shirt in the near future, as I am very inspired by it!!

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go and stuff my face with the yummy chocolate cupcakes Amanda made because they smell heavenly!!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Thanks for looking!



  1. hahahahahahahahahaah --haaaaaah = the toilette!

    Pure Ice Rio is gorgeous isn't it? and these are only $1.99 in the USA, I am sure you have seen the other show stoppers from Pure Ice, Busted, Oh Baby and Heart Breaker (?) all impossible gorgeous layered over black and other dark colours.That they are only $1.99 and available at most walmart is mind-boggling....

  2. :) Yes, it is stunningly gorgeous! I have Busted and used to have Heartbreaker, but I think I lost it... I have yet to get Oh Baby. I always check the Pure Ice display when I'm at Walmart, they're fantastic!


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