Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! I hope you all are enjoying your day! Today I did a fun Easter egg inspired mani using a bunch of pastel colors. I literally did this at 2 AM this morning while watching "The Nanny" (I LOVE that show!!) on youtube and didn't have a clue what the design was going to be. This is just my tired brain throwing crap together... I used at least 10 polishes which I don't have a picture of and won't list because I've shown them all to you before, plus a looooong list of polishes is boring.
I used a dotting tool and toothpicks for this... I lost my striper brush!! Sorry this is so messy and random... :)

Here's my left hand... I don't like my index, middle or ring on this hand. 

My left thumb is my favorite! The glitter is Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope by the way. If you want to know what any of the other colors are, feel free to ask in the comments!

Right hand, which I like better, but please ignore my nubby middle nail, I just broke it today!! Good thing it wasn't my left!

I have some bonus Easter pictures for you guys! We have 9 chickens here at home that lay eggs. They're my mom's and she loves them, so she decided to get 3 more chicks this spring!

Here are some baby chick pictures! They're so darling and adorable!

This is the one my sister named, Twiggie, sleepy and all curled up in a towel on my lap!!

Oh hi!!

Just walking around, she's so fast!!

Here's me holding her (I'm not hurting her, promise!!) My nails are my NOTD yesterday which I might get around to posting... a layering experiment with Sinful 24/7 and Social Ladder...

View from above in their little cage! Its red tinted because of the heat lamp... yes there's poop every where, but we just cleaned it!! They're messy babies!!

They don't like the flash too much!! There's Twiggie in the foreground, The dark and striped one is the one my mom named Ester, and the one in back, my brother named Nugget, which I think is horrible!!
Sorry, I know the poop is a little yucky!!

I thought this was so cute!! Look at Ester, she looks like she's wearing eyeliner and mascara!!

Mischeivious Marley the muffin-head likes the chicken wire...

Yummy Easter candy!!


I hope you guys enjoyed your day! The babies say "peep peep peep!!"

Thanks for looking!



  1. Happy Easter to you too! Those chicks are adorable :)

  2. Ahh! Baby chicks are soo cute :) Happy Easter! I liked your nails, too, the green and orange polka dot one was my fav...I've got a thing for polka dots!

  3. GothamPolish- Thanks!! I hope you enjoyed your day!

    Whitney- Thanks! I also have a thing for polka dots!!

  4. aww look at the little chicks :D so sweet!!!

  5. Thanks, I know they're so cute!

  6. Aww the chicks are so cute!! I will also agree that the thumb is my favorite! Very cute! Also you made me want candy really bad and I just realized that I didn't get any candy for Easter:( Now I have an excuse to go buy myself a huge bag of reeces lol

  7. Thanks Jess! No candy for Easter!? Go and get some girl!


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