Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why the Bay of Evil is... Evil

So we've all heard of eBay (and if you haven't then you must live under a rock). We all know that you can pretty much buy or sell anything on that site auction style at either extremely cheap or expensive prices. But there is an evil side to eBay, hence why it is affectionately known as the bay of evil. Sounds like a Harry Potter book doesn't it? Harry Potter and the Bay of Evil. Except I doubt that Harry would be battling eBay in this tale. But anyway, the reason why the bay of evil is... evil.

I had seen on a post last weekend on Chloe's Nails a manicure of her's that she used OPI DS Original. Since the original DS line was discontinued, it's pretty much impossible to find them anywhere (although I did find DS Signature and Sapphire on Amazon, love Amazon!). So I decided to look at eBay to see if they might possibly have a bottle of DS Original. And they did! And it was only $10 + $3.75 for shipping! I was so psyched that I knew I had to get it and signed up for an eBay and a paypal account in order to get it. I then bought the polish thinking that it would be easy and I'd have my polish by the middle of the week. That's when eBay became the bay of evil.

I didn't realize that when you add a credit card (or in my case a gift card that acts as a credit card, I don't trust the internet THAT much) so when I kept trying to figure out why the bay of evil wasn't allowing me to buy my polish, I was getting so mad that I tried to cancel my order (it was a buy now item) and though it was done with. It wasn't since on Sunday and Monday the bay of evil kept sending me e-mails telling me that I still had to pay for my order. Turns out that no one told me that once you buy a buy now item, you have to pay for it. That would have been nice to know before had. So on Tuesday I finally just decided to go back onto paypal and try and verify my gift card credit card. They said it would take a day or two to show up, but in reality it took 30 seconds since it was a gift card. But anyway, my gift card got verified, I bought my bottle of DS Original,  and it was shipped out five minutes later.

Finally, the bay of evil wasn't so evil anymore, until I realized that the bay of evil had shipped DS Original to my house instead of my mailbox up at college. Once again the bay of evil screwed with me, sigh. Well, at least I'm home for the weekend since it's Easter and DS Original is sitting in our mailbox down at the post office so I'll have picks up later of it and the DS Signature I got off Amazon. So long story short, the bay of evil can be evil, but for some reason I'm still on it trying to get more holographic polishes. You'd think I'd learn from the first time, oh well.


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