Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why? Why Must I Be In Love With This Collection?

If you read my post from yesterday, you all know that I got My Lifesaver from Justin Bieber's One Less Lonely Girl Collection for Nicole by OPI (and if you didn't, well you know now!) at my town's Walgreens (yay Walgreens!). This isn't the first time that I've actually seen My Lifesaver, I saw it at the Portsmouth Walmart off of Rte. 1 back in January. I almost bought it too then, but as soon as I saw that it was a color that was a part of Bieber's line, I couldn't buy it. I'm not a Bieber fan, I do not like him in the least. This means that I don't want to buy or see anything in which the Bieber might be on, and that meant this collection as well. A few weeks ago, swatches for this collection popped up onto blog sites, and Fiona even told me that My Lifesaver was actually one of the harder to find shades. At that time, I thought 'damn, why didn't I buy it!?', but then I remembered that it was Bieber, that's why. Too bad I saw more swatches of the color line, for now I want One Less Lonely Glitter, "Baby" Blue, and Me + Blue. Good thing my Walgreens has two of the three and I can get them in about 4 1/2 days (once again, yay Walgreens!).

But back to My Lifesaver. I decided to try this one out first since the mint green creme color was calling out to me. And I was actually hoping that I might have a reason to not like this polish just because it's from Bieber. But no, it made me fall in love with it!

Flash on

Flash off

I mean look at it! It's soo pretty! At first it went on a tad bit streaky, which was what I thought was going to be my reason for hating it. I was about to say, "Ha! You're streaky, FAIL!" with glee, until the streaks blended away by themselves! It was as if the polish was mocking me. And the fact that I was able to get it on with pretty much only TWO coats (a couple nails required only one more) made it even harder for me to find some reason to hate this. But I can't, I can't hate this color. It's one of my favorites now, and it only made me want to get more from the collection, and look forward to trying the I'm a Belieber that I got at Target. Because yes, I'm in love with this collection as much as I don't want to be. And if my friends Carmie and Emily ever see this post, I'll never hear the end of how I'm in love with Bieber's nail polish collection (they're big Bieber fans).

Why, why must I be in love with this collection of nail polishes by Justin Bieber? Well, at least Holly won't judge me, but then again she's my cat so what can I say?


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