Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Can Tell Just What You Want

I know, right now you're probably thinking 'hey, what's with the tittle name?' Well that's because for the past couple of hours I've become obsessed with the song "What You Want" by Two Door Cinema Club. I can't stop listening to it, it's soo addicting!

But back to polish. I had said in an earlier post that I had gotten I'm a Belieber and was going to try it out after the success of My Lifesaver. Since then, I bought Me + Blue and One Less Lonely Glitter in the Justin Bieber collection for Nicole by OPI at Walgreens yesterday (yay Walgreens!) I was lucky too since my store only had one bottle of each color left in the display. They still had plenty of OMB! which after seeing it in person I now want to buy since it's a pretty red/gold shimmer/glitter polish. And now for I'm a Belieber and Me + Blue:

This is the purple creme that I've been searching for. This is what I was hoping Funky Dunkey would look like, hell this is what Funky Dunkey wishes it could look like. This was three coats, but if I had been a bit more careful I could have done only two, but I'm also a habitual three coater so I highly doubt I would have just left it at two. On my left index finger the polish started to become dented so I thought for sure I'd have to redo that nail again later. But I didn't have to. You wanna know why? When I looked back at the nail about three minutes later, the dents had disappeared! And on my right thumb nail there had been a huge smudge where polish had come off the nail that I put more nail polish on to fill in the whole that had left a noticeable divet in the center. Well, it wasn't there any more either! What is this voodoo magic that is in the Bieber's nail polish collection!? This NEVER happens with nail polishes I have!

This is Me + Blue. This nail polish's name does remind me of a song, but it's Fall Out Boy's "I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)". I don't know why, it just does, probably because of the me and you part of the chorus of the song. Now, I've seen swatches of this polish online and people have said that it's a blue color polish that had some glitter in it. Well, it's not really that at all; it's a pretty medium blue color base with a lot of holographic pieces in it. It's pretty much a blue holo, BLUE HOLO PEOPLE! This polish makes me so happy, since I thought that it was going to have silver glitter in it, not holo glitter pieces! It's like someone just took Sinful Colors Fly Away (another polish I bought at Walgreens yesterday that's a pretty medium blue color) and dumped a crap load of Sally Hansen Xtreme Hard as Nails Night Lights (which is a very holo glitter polish) into it. It's just soo awesome! When the sun or any bright light or any light for that matter hits this polish, it just becomes a bunch of awesome sauce with a large side order of HA BISKY! because of all the rainbows that sprout from the holo glitter pieces in the polish. I kept getting compliments on this polish all day because so many people loved this polish. And I've had it on for over 24 hours and it's still going strong. I love this polish.

So yeah, these two polishes did know just what I wanted, because they are really a bunch of ha bisky! But why did they have to be by Bieber again, why?


Oh yeah before I forget, I did a water marble for St. Patty's Day, but I was busy studying on Thursday night to post. So here is the water marble. I used Sally Hansen Xtreame Hard as nails Green With Envy, Sinful Colors San Francisco, and Avon Olive Green for the colors. This actually came out looking really good. San Francisco gave it a simple shimmer that I really liked.

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