Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Guest Nails and Flakies!!


Today I have some pictures of my sister's nails that I did on Sunday night. My sister's name is Rowenna (pronounced Ro-when-ah) and she's 13. She loves pink and is a cheerleader and has bleach blonde hair and spray tans. She's my polar opposite (I am naturally very pale and have dark hair) and usually we don't get along. I always bug her about doing her nails because she wears acrylics all the time and I've always wanted to paint them! When I was home this past weekend, I finally convinced her to let me do her nails and she was very happy with them. Like I said, she loves pink so she wanted pink and white. I started out with 2 coats of Sinful Snow Me White (think white-out streaky mess) and we went from there. I painted different stripes with Wet 'n Wild Lavender Creme which I bought for myself and tried it but it needed 3 coats and was streaky and had a crappy brush. And to top it off, it chipped within a few hours. So I re-gifted it to Rowenna (forgetting to mention how much it sucked... ) Then I did some more free hand stripes with Sinful Cream Pink. Then I used my white Kiss striper to paint a line separating the two pink lines. Then I went in with my black Kiss striper and painted random diagonal, vertical, and horizontal stripes. Most of the design was her idea, she just told me where she wanted the stripes which was the only way she was going to let me do her nails. There was no way she would actually let me design it. I just have the steady (ish) hand for striping... *sigh*

Anyway here is her finished manicure, done on Kiss acrylic nails with no base/top coat. No clean-up so a little messy, sorry!

Yeah... her thumb got smudged with the top coat so I only put it on that one nail. The Kiss black smudges with top coat like its its job! :P This is her right hand.

And her left. The pinks look really similar in the pictures but they're not IRL. The Lavender Creme is much more red and darker so its the darker one you see here. And Cream Pink looks kinda purple-y over the white. And yeah, her skin really looks that orange.

This is a small picture of Rowenna (left) and I. I hate this of me so its small.

Now onto my nails. These pictures are of SH ID Grape Going with Sinful Green Ocean (!!!!!) on my ring nail. Grape Going is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend this color as its very unique! It reminds me of swatches I've seen of Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie (which I also want). Its a medium, violet purple super shimmery base (I think) with tons of iridescent blue shimmer. It creates a goregous teal-y blue flash which is present most of the time so its not really a flash... but it gets stronger depending on the angle. The only thing about this is that its kind of sheer so you need 3 coats for full opacity but you could get away with 2 if you don't mind VNL. Its also not of Insta Dry quality, meaning it doesn't dry quickly. At least for me it didn't. It had a slightly longer drying time than of average polish and of course I went right to bed after I put on 3 coats (letting each dry in between!!) thinking it was an Insta Dry... yeah, no. It was all messed up when I woke up! :( So that was upsetting! The pictures are of 4 coats because I added another the next morning to fix the smudges/dings and it still doesn't look that great. But I'm sure if you gave this some extra time to dry it would look great!! I also put a layer of Green Ocean over my ring to test it out!! AND I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE/OBSESSED WITH GREEN OCEAN!! I want to wear this over everything! I thanked Amanda so many times for picking this up for me (with Irish Green which will debut tomorrow!) but I feel that I can't thank her enough! At least she got a bottle for herself because I would have stolen hers, haahaaa!! This is amazing-sauce! EXCEPT it does have some drawbacks. (I know, *sad face*) This base its in is like petroleum jelly, its so thick and goopy! Yuck! Also it smells horrible! I can't explain it, you'll have to see for yourself if you can find this little beauty (try Walgreens! Walgreens, I love you!) And removal is a PITA (pain in the ass). Even the foil method was tricky getting this off because the flakies stick everywhere and stay on the nail! This problem is also true with application. Between the goopy base, it was bad enough, but the flakies like to stick up everywhere so you have to push them down while the polish is wet or else you get sharp thingies sticking up everywhere. And it feels awful without a top coat, gritty and spikey!! But it looks so awesome that I am able to forgive these seemingly nightmare-ish qualities. Whew, that was a lot of writing. If you're still reading this, go you!!

Photographing this was very difficult! The flakies just don't look right!! So here's about a million pictures, trying to capture this beauty!

Now here it is all on all my nails. The bald-looking spots are camera tricks reflecting different colors in the flakies making them look flesh colored... weird I know. But there are no bald spots!

Now here it is layered over black. I nearly screamed when I put this on, it looks so amazing IRL!! This is 2 or 3 on some nails coats over 1 coat of SH XW Black Out with 2 coats of top coat. Again, hard to capture, but I tried like hell!


Sorry for the loooooong post!!

Hope you have a great day and thanks for looking!


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