Sunday, March 13, 2011

Marble NOTD and mini haul


So, my second ever water marble attempt actually didn't fail too badly, at least my mom likes it! I think its okay and like some nails better than others, some were definitely fails. Not too bad for 1 AM on the living room floor in crappy lighting with 3 curious cats trying to drink the water! If you're curious about how to water marble, I learned by watching My Simple Little Pleasures on youtube who is the best IMO. I only wish I could do the designs as quickly as she does. The polish always seems to dry too quickly for me make any cool designs. Plus I can never build the "bullseye" big enough because the polish won't spread out as perfectly as hers does. :(

This is what I used, please excuse the white polish on the green bottle, this happens when you are trying to drip polish from various bottles very quickly!

Sinful Happy Ending, Sinful Snow Me White, OPI A Grape Fit!

Here is my left hand, which didn't come out as good as my right for some reason. This is with a base of the white with top coat with flash.

I don't like how my pinkie came out. Or my ring or middle but I like my index and thumb. Sorry for the smearing... I thought it was dry before I top coated. : /

Left thumb

This is my right hand which I like better but I don't like photographing it or my nubby index. :(

Right index, middle, ring
Right pinkie, middle and thumb

Also, I just came home from Target where I found the Beiber polishes (FINALLY!) except for the blue ones which I thought was very weird. They had the shaped glitters, the reds, the purples, and the green but no blue. The Essies were sooo cleaned out it was sad! They had four rows of Essie displays but only 8 or so polishes left. They also had over priced Seche Vite and a bunch of red and pink OPIs. The Sinfuls were pretty well stocked except for Irish Green and Green Ocean which I've heard are supposed to out for St. Patty's Day, but I guess I missed them. :( I also found the SH Insta Dry Grape Going which I have been looking all over for! So there's 2 crossed off my wishlist! I also got 2 bottles of acetone (one for Amanda unless she bought some) and a new plastic polish box which is a little too short for most of them but I can keep the lid off. I needed a new box since I outgrew my other one!! I'm gonna need a Helmer soon!

Here's my micro haul! :)

SH ID Grape Going and Nicole One Time Lime (A GREEEEENN CREEEME!!!) :D Woooohhh!!

Well I'm off to do my younger sister's nails (she's letting me for once) and then need some more relaxing time before I have to head back up to school bright and early tomorrow morning. I get to leave here at 6 AM and then take an Algebra exam at 8 AM. Yay. :(

Hope you have a great day and thanks for looking!


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