Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Nail Art


Sorry if I've been MIA lately and I also missed Green Wednesday... oops. Its not like anyone reads this anyway so I should be okay. :) I haven't been feeling too well, my allergies are acting up since I'm home with the dust and the cats... I'm basically allergic to my house! Also being on vacation makes me sooo unmotivated and lazy! I've been staying up past 2 AM every night and sleeping in past noon. I've recently become addicted to xsparkage's youtube channel even though I don't wear makeup. It's pretty sad. I've watched over 100 of her videos in the past few days. She also does some nail stuff too and she's just really pretty and awesome and I find her voice really soothing (weird I know). She's made me want to wear some makeup since I think I know how to do it now but I have wicked sensitive skin, like a baby's skin and am allergic to most cosmetic products, lotions, and shampoos. My skin is so fair and sensitive and I have eczema in some areas as well (TMI, I know) but it sucks. My eyes are especially sensitive and I have never been able to wear eye makeup for very long. I used to years ago in middle school but would always break out after and spend all day with itchy red eyes. So now I go without makeup completely, which is rare for a girl my age. Anyway, enough babbling. Onto some nail stuff...

So if you remember my mother's patient that I did some acrylics for before? Well she paid me this time to do another set, this time she wanted a fish theme. I'll just show the pictures and list what I used after... these are all taken in crappy indoor lighting unfortunately since its snowed some more and been cloudy all week except today...

This is blurry but the colors are more accurate, surprisingly, if not a little dark. The other pictures are all too bright.

These next pictures are too bright because they're with the flash.

This is what I used: SH XW Pacific Blue for the base, Sinful Love Nails "pounced" or stippled on top, Nicole One Time Lime for the sea grass, Sinful Cream Pink, Essie Turquoise and Caicos, SH XW Sun Kissed, Sinful Irish Green, and SH ID Grape Going for the fish, Sinful Snow Me White and Sinful Boogie Nights for the clown fish, Sinful Green Ocean on top of some of the fish, Kiss Nail Paint in Silver Glitter on some fish, and Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope dotted on for the bubbles. *Whew* Please click to enlarge to better see the detail!

Then I decided to water marble a set as well. Bad idea. This was quite the process. First I had to figure out to get the nails to stick to the stick I use for marbling. I thought I could use these double sided sticky adhesive stripes that I used to stick them to a sheet of paper for painting the fish. The water made them lose their stickiness though. Then I tried hot glue but we didn't have enough but that worked! I wanted to use regular white glue but we didn't have any so I used some of my dad's wood glue which takes forever and half to dry! Baaaaad idea!! I had to wait for each nail to stick to the wooden stick before actually dunking it in water. Then, the colors wouldn't spread out. I thought the water was the wrong temperature so I tried a whole spectrum of temperatures, even using a thermometer to get it to exactly room temperature like Colette of My Simple Little Pleasures says to. So then I figured it must be the water, even though I was using the water from the filtered water dispenser on our fridge. So I used some exactly room temperature distilled water and finally got the colors to spread out nicely. I like the way this marble came out waaaay better than any I've on my nails before! A few are messed up because the glue wasn't quite dry and they fell off the stick in the water and I had to fish them out and ruined them in the process. Overall, it was a disaster that took about 2 hours!! >: (

These pictures are not quite color accurate, this was hard to capture. Its more pink and less orange and more cool toned overall.

The top middle one here is my favorite! It reminds me of citrus!

For those I used Sinful Snow Me White as a base and to marble with, SH XW Sun Kissed a bright Halloween orange creme, and Sinful Boogie Nights a pinkish coral jelly.

So, what do you think of these? Any opinions?

This post is already massive so I will stop here. :)

Hope you have great day/night and thanks for looking!



  1. I read XD
    I haven't tried water marbling because it looks too mess for my liking! Only one has a mistake the rest look fantastic. I agree the middle one does look like a juice orange
    Stacie @Kawaii Nail Art

  2. that s a nice marble - your right its messy and it takes a long time to perfect it, sponging is the way to go- I like the fish too, I have that on my list to copy

  3. Stacie- I just never get any comments so I didn't think anyone read it! Thank you for commenting! Yes, water marbling is extremely messy!! But I think the mess is worth the result! Thank you so much!

    Deez- For me sponging never turns out the way I want it to, it takes off too much of the base polish I find but it does look nice! Feel free to copy the fish if you like! Thanks for your comment!


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