Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where's The Green?

Wow, I'm finding it hard now to type because my nails have gotten pretty long for what I'm used to. Usually I keep them short since I do sometimes play guitar, and in order to play you have to have short nails in order to get your finger pads onto the fretboard of the guitar. So this is the longest my nails have been since about.... 9th grade I believe? But this school year I really haven't found the time to play so my finger pad callouses went bye-bye many months ago and my nails kept growing. I'm getting to the point that one day I'll just take my nail clippers to all of my nails and cut them all down because I'm getting sick of not being able to type, and the fact I keep jabbing myself with them while I'm sleeping.

But anyway. I went to Target with my parents last Sunday and straight away went to look at the nail polish. My parents at this point, don't really know how to react to me buying all of this nail polish. My mom kinds of aids me by pointing out colors that I might like or ones that she likes. My dad just goes: "Really, more nail polish?" but then he figures "hey, it could be worse, you could be buying drugs and alcohol. At least this way you're not getting in trouble by painting your nails". Yep, thanks for those words of wisdom, Dad. So kids, don't do drugs and alcohol, paint your nails instead! Sorry, I'm rambling here, anyway. I saw two colors that I really wanted and decided to buy both. They are Iceberg Lotus and Your'e S-Teal the One.

This is Iceberg Lotus from the exclusive spring collection at Target by Nicole by OPI. This is a very pretty teal-ly colored glass flecked polish that also flashes teal, blue, and purple; making this polish a duo(tri?)chrome. I really enjoyed this color very much. I wore it for over two days and it didn't chip at all. My mom really liked this color as well. She likes colors like this. The top photo was taken using my lamp that's over my desk area at home. The light actually did well capturing the correct color of this polish under direct bright light (light win!). The other two pictures were taken in less bright light in my room to try and capture the flashes of purple and blue in the polish. It did stain my nails a tiny bit, but with a very quick buff to my nails they were normal colored again. I really love this color though so I didn't mind having to buff my nails a little bit. The way this polish had the green/blue/purple shimmer duochrome to it, it reminds me of purple pigeon cabbage as seen in this photo:

This is a photo that I actually took and used for a project in my 12th grade photography class at a garden center in my town. The cabbages are obviously not the orange and purple flowers. But that is what this polish reminded me of.

This is You're S-Teal the One. This is the one that threw me threw a loop. Online, this polish color is described as a "green-blue" color. But in reality, this is a medium blue glass flecked duochrome polish that flashes from med blue to indigo to purple. So this left me wondering, where's the green? Because when I look at this polish, there's absolutely no green to it what so ever. Look at the photos above for yourself, do any of you see any green in this polish? I see a lot of purple and I see a lot of blue, but no green. This polish is not teal at all. If Nicole by OPI really wanted to use this name, they should have named Iceberg Lotus You're S-Teal the One instead since that polish is actually a teal color. It also closely resembles Sally Hansen HD Laser in the way it has the same colors. While this polish was pretty, I don't know, it just didn't sing to me. I like it, but I only like it as a friend that I see only during the summers. This one too stained my nails a little as well, but I didn't bother to buff them because I buffed them after Iceberg Lotus and that was only a day ago.

So that's pretty much it for this post. Hopefully I'll have another post up tomorrow, and then hopefully I'll be hanging out with some great friends at UNH Saturday!


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