Monday, March 14, 2011

Flakies, Irish, and Sapphire

Lookie at what I found at the Epping Walgreens yesterday...

Yep, I found Sinful Colors Irish Green AND Green Ocean! These two are the bottles I surprised Fiona with this morning when she got back. She had posted yesterday that she hadn't found either bottle so instead of posting these yesterday, I did it today instead to not tip Fiona off that she was getting these two colors.

So last Wednesday Fiona and I went to our Rite Aid to see if they for some reason might have put out Irish Green or Green Ocean for St. Paddy's Day. Well that was a laughing matter for sure since they haven't replenished any of their nail polishes in the last three months. But we did walk by the only nail salon in Plymouth that sells OPI. We both said that we didn't want to go in and buy a bottle of OPI, but on our way back we went in anyway just to see. At first I said that I wasn't going to since I didn't want to spend that much, but that all went out the window when Fiona pointed out that they had Sapphire in the Snow.

Oh my God, I've been pining for this color ever since I saw swatches of it on other blogs. I fell in love with it's purple-blue (blurple?) shade. As soon as I picked up the bottle I knew I was buying it. And also I like the name of the polish. Whenever I think Sapphire in the Snow, all I can think of is some young woman walking through a snow covered forest at night. Around her pale, slender neck is a dark blue oval sapphire on a thin, worn out leather cord. The full silvery moon hanging in the night sky provides the only light by which to see by, resulting in her tripping on an unseen hidden tree root. The leather cord breaks and the sapphire falls into the snow, making the stone look more like a deep blue-violet than blue. She reaches out to retrieve the sapphire but is stopped when a young, dark haired man reaches down and picks up the sapphire. She looks up at the handsome man with his shaggy dark locks and realizes that his eyes are the same shade as the sapphire when it was in the snow. Yep, this is really what my brain thought of when I thought of this color.

And it looks exactly like the sapphires in my necklace!

Love, just love it.


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