Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Wed. #2- Not A One Time Lime!!


Welcome to my second installment of Green Wednesday! It will be Green Thursday tomorrow as well in honor of St. Patty's Day... Anyway, I can't believe its Wednesday already! This week has seemed to just flown by! I get to go home again on Friday for Spring Break... not doing anything exciting, although my cousin is having a party and I'll be painting my family's nails again!

I know I said in yesterday's post that Irish Green would make its appearance today buuuutt... I had some (read: MAJOR) issues with it. First off, I layered it over white since I know how sheer it is and my nails are too badly stained for VNL I desparately need to get a new white! Any suggestions for a good one coat white that's cheap and easily found would be very helpful! My Sinful white was so streaky and yucky and thick and just a PITA. I put 2 coats of that on but still had VNL, but the white has drying issues as well so I didn't do any more coats. Then I started layering on the Irish Green. I had heard that its supposed to dry fast but I must have a dysfunctional bottle or the white did something to it because it wasn't drying!! I waited about 5 minutes for the one thin coat to dry and it was still sticky. So I layered more and more coats on anyway... trying to let each dry in between... :P. The formula was awful. It was runny and goopy at the same time. It pooled all over my nails and flooded my cuticles. It was so hard to control! The color however, is amazing, I love it so much! I can almost forgive its bad qualities for the awsomeness of the color but not quite... okay I am ranting on and on again. Here are the pictures I did take of Irish Green. These are not color accurate (not even gonna go there because thats a whole other story... I'll just say that my camera HATES this color.) Try going here or here to see the real color.

This is about 4 coats over 2 coats of Sinful Snow Me White. No top/base coat.


This is as close as I could get on my nail to color accurate. I took 75 pictures of this. No lie.

See how much this freaked my camera out? (right) I have like 20 pictures just like this. Color in the bottle is pretty accurate but its still too yellow toned and bright.

And thennn, I put Green Ocean (of course I did) on top of this which looked pretty awesome, I would suggest trying it if you have these two colors. Buuuttt... the colors underneath never dried and got all smudged before I could get good pictures of it sooo... yeah. I took it all off in a fit of rage this morning. And put on... TA DA!! One Time Lime from the Beiber Collection by Nicole by OPI. And it is amazing *singing* The formula is perfect, it self levels any streaks and I am head over heels in love with the new Nicole brush. Its simply genius and makes for perfect application. I have a hard time raving about something promoted by the Beibs but... I'll just pretend its not by him. I have not read one bad review of these yet and the colors are amazing, my favorite tyoe: vibrant and pastel cremes!! So that's the explanation of my title... this is not a "one time lime" for many reasons. Plus its not even lime so that makes the name even dumber. Its a grass green in some lights and is kinda olive-y in others. The dumb ass names are my only complaint about this collection. I want them all (except for the shape glitters and the gold/silver) Amanda has 2 others, I'm A Beliber and My Lifesaver but I'll let her review those... in fact she already reviewed My Lifesaver a few days ago. I'll have to try those too because she said the formula on those is just as great as this one. And My Lifesaver wore really well on her too... Okay, okay I'll get to the pictures.

This is 3 coats of OTL with ID top coat. You could do 2 coats just fine but I smudged a few nails so I went for a third. Please excuse any yellow-ness around my fingers, the cleanup turned my skin yellow which probably means bad things for removal...

I tried to do a good label shot but my batteries died after this picture. :(

Hope you have a great day and thanks for looking!


P.S. Hi, Welcome and Thank You to our new followers!! <3

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