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I know, I know 2 posts in 2 days! I'm good, huh? Well I just had to show off the amazing pictures I took (if I do say so myself) of OPI Ink this afternoon. It was a cold but sunny day so I ventured out onto the deck to take some pictures of this beauty in the sun. I'll keep this short and not ramble on and on like I usually do...

This is 2 thick coats of Ink with my trusty SH Insta Dry top coat (red bottle). I tried to clean this up but my skin is pretty dry so I went lightly with the acetone to avoid further drying. I've been moisturizing but its hard to keep my skin looking camera ready. I've edited my skin in these photos a little to spare you.

 I'm still not quite sure whether this color is purple or blue... and I hate the term "blurple" because there's already a word for that: indigo. This color is a dark indigo with a very subtle blue, gold(?) and pink shimmer from as far as I can tell. It changes in every light. In regular indoor light it looks like a flat very very dark purple and black at times. In the sun, it comes alive!! I still wish this color actually looked like Scrangie's swatch (Nevermore) or this (scroll down to the bottom of post, swatched on one finger) but its still nice and I like it a lot. Probably even more since it has my favorite Pro Wide OPI brush and a nice opaque formula. You can see the gorgeous pink and gold-ish shimmer in some of these pictures.

Here's my "dagger finger" my left index. Its gotten so long!! But my ring is still so pathetic and nubby so these other pictures are of my right hand.

See? :( Poor little nub.

This may be one of the prettiest in the bottle ever! Its the prettiest in my collection! I could stare at it for hours!

Loooook at eeeet!! (Oh and my camera is red so that's the red flash you see...)

Now here are some pictures of Ink with Sinful Love Nails layered over it. It creates a beautiful almost duochrome that glows like crazy and is gorgeous to look at. If you have these two polishes I would suggest you try layering them. You won't be disappointed. Unfortunately, these indoor pictures don't do this combo justice.

Dagger nail!! :D

So I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Do you have OPI Ink? What do you think about it?

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!


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