Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green Wednesday #1


I want to apologize for the crappy pictures first off. My camera is dead so I'll be using old pictures for any more posts for the next few days until I am home on Friday and can get some batteries. But since today is the first installment of Green Wednesday I needed some new pictures to show... so these are taken from sitting on my bed using Photobooth (Mac users know what's up... a webcam) and yes that's Amanda's bed in the background and I hope she won't be too mad if anyone sees it... This is 2 coats of Nicole Fell From the Tree. FFTT is a foily, shimmery, emerald green, and its very pretty and glowy. I think its like the green version of Sinful Let's Talk so I renamed it Let's Chat because FFTT sounds too Christmas-sy and I HATE Christmas things during any other month besides December. Grrrrr!! The application of this was excellent, it was smooth and pigmented. My only complaint is Nicole's old brush, which I HATE. I have sort of wide nails so feel like I'm painting a wall with a tiny paintbrush using this skinny, skinny little brush!! I also don't get why Nicole is sold at Walmart, Target and drugstores if its by OPI when OPI (for me) is soooo hard to find!! It pisses me off! Why can't Nicole by OPI and OPI themselves be distributed equally and have the same awesome brush!! Anyway... wow, my first mini rant on this blog. I might do that a lot. I've been told I complain a lot... we'll see.

Here's the crappy pictures... sorry again. :(

I know these suck really hard so I highly reccomend checking out Scrangie's swatches of this here because as we all know Scrangie is the queen of nail blogging and her swatches rule. So if you wanna see some awesome pictures of this clicky clicky!!

Also I forgot to add. I am trying the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment. My younger (13 year old) sister used this and had great results and I wanted to try it. I am frustrated with how slow my nails grow in the winter and want to have stronger nails since mine are thin and tend to break easily. I've been using it for 4 days now (in these pictures) and don't notice anything yet but it says it takes up to a week so hopefully soon I'll be rocking some longer, gorgeous nails. My nail idol right now is AllYouDesire who has beautiful nails and I want mine to look like hers. Creepy, I know.

Hope you have great day and thanks for looking!


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