Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Grape Fit! and guest nails!


Today I have many swatches of my first ever OPI, OPI A Grape Fit! which is apparently from the 2009 Summer Brights Collection. This was a lemming of mine since I saw in on Scrangie's blog. I love this slightly grayed out light purple creme! It is not a lilac/lavendar as other people have said it is, at least not in my opinion. I only wish it was a touch brighter but the grayed-out-ness kinda works! The formula on this one is great, and was even better the second time I applied it... the first time I wore it a few weeks ago I applied in lying on my back on my bed (not recommended...) and last night I applied in dim lighting on the couch down here in my living room (I'm home for the weekend). I bet this would apply even better under good conditions... so the bald spots you see are user error applying in the dark (also not recommended...) Anyway... this is smooth and opaque at two coats.

This is two coats with no base/top coat. This was the mani from a few weeks ago I did when I first got this. Also, here you can see how my nails have grown in 2 weeks (or so) with the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment.

Now here's a VERY SCARY yellow skin, flash off picture under the fluorescent light over my stove. Sorry for this... I thought it was funny! The NAIL color is pretty close to accurate though...

These are in flourescent light either under the kitchen sink or stove with flash, true to color. These were taken tonight, after 24 hours of wear, 2 coats of AGF and Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat (which I am loving!)

See, my nails have grown a tiny bit... no, not really? Yeah, I know. *sad face* Also these are edited because the skin around my nails is pretty gross from the suuupper dry weather... so to save you from the horror I have edited them so excuse any weird coloring or wrinkling... especially on my index. And yes, I really am that pale. :P

The above picture was soooo difficult to take in that position... I had to take like 30 of these...

Hehe, thats an oven mitt... I was in the kitchen...

So tonight I also did my mom's nails, who doesn't read this but was excited about having her nails posted. My mom's a nurse and her patients absolutely love the manicures I do on her! There's even one lady who's going to pay me to paint her acrylics with a fish theme. Here are some pictures of the acrylics I did for this lady a few months ago. I'd done this same mani on my mom and her patient loved it so much she wanted her own!! So cute! The products used here are SH XW Lacey Lilac for the base, with Sinful Let's Talk sponged on the tips, The Color Institute Singin' Like a Canary (my only yellow) for the sun and my Kiss Nail Art Paint in black for the trees. I'm pretty happy with how these came out and the patient loooves them, haha!

These are my mom's nails, they were inspired by the amazing Erika at Chloe's Nails with her (much neater) purple version here. Since I'm only here for the weekend and won't see my mom Wednesday for St. Patty's Day, I did a green version. I used 2 coats of Sinful Happy Ending as the base and then did diagonal squares using Nicole Fell From the Tree (which I totally stole from Amanda...) and did the final square with SH Insta Dry Mint Sprint. Its messy because doing someone else's nails on the couch is kinda difficult but they're okay from a distance. I realized after uploading these pictures that my mom's nails kinda look like mine... she's tanner than me though... I'm the pale freak in my family. She usually has gorgeous, long natural nails that are sooo fun to paint but this winter has not been kind to her nails... plus she washes her hands so much, as a nurse so that takes its toll. She may deny it but I know she's waaayyy into nail polish... its funny!

Messy but I like them!

And a kitty bonus, no not lolcats but my kitties, since I'm home.

This is Marley (black and white) and Synyster (grey Maine coon, Rogue's littermate). Marley of course is the kitty from my profile pic... he's a little devil but an awesome cat at the same time. I love the upside down heart on his nose... his coloring is weird in general- no symmetry whatsoever! A Syny is an 18 pound gentle giant with the girliest meow ever... And one more...

Awwws!! <3 Marley was grooming Synyster which he hates!!

Wow, that was longer than intended. I'm off to attempt a water marble (yeah at 1 AM... don't judge) so don't be surprise if my next post is titled "FAIL"

Hope you have a great day and thanks for looking!


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