Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lively Lilac gets Busted


I'm on a roll! 3 posts in 3 days! Wooooh! I'll keep this short on words (for real this time). These are pictures I took today in the bright sunlight of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Lively Lilac. I don't remember buying this color or why I did because its very boring and safe to me, a pink toned lilac with a subtle light shimmer. But if you like the color you'll be happy to hear that this has an excellent formula and is opaque in one coat! I did 2 coats because I had some bald spots (it was 2 AM, I was tired). It dries instantly, undentable in at least 20 minutes or more without a TC and when I removed it tonight it came off so easily! So if you're into colors like this I recommend it, its just not my color.

Please ignore the lumps and fuzz... and my disgusting skin and cuticles!

And then I went to Walmart today and saw that they had replenished the Pure Ice display so I snatched up Busted and Strapless(!!!!). Busted is a very sheer but gorgeous lilac, gold and pink (?) duochrome and shimmer! It looks mainly lilac and gold. I layered this over Lively Lilac immediately and this is what I got: Gorgeousness!!

Unfortunately this didn't photograph well on my nails but the color in the bottle is really what you see on your nails!!

Bonus pictures: Me with my newly dyed burgundy hair. Edited, its not that bright.

Annnnd, my stash! I got a new box to put in my polish drawer that fits all of them. *Edit* 68 in total. I just got 2... I'm getting there!

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!



  1. What a colorful collection! There's a rainbow in that box!

  2. Haha, yeah but its a little green and blue dominated... :)


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