Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Tickled Pink!!


Today I have another super cheap but wicked nice polish- Tickled Pink by Wet n' Wild Wet Shine that was 99 cents at Rite Aid. Pretty much all my nail polish are drugstore brands that are $5 or less because I currently am a broke ass college student with no job and no credit card to order stuff online and Amanda and I have yet to venture up to Maine to the Ulta up there. There is a Sally's in my hometown but I don't go there nearly as much as I'd like to and I don't have that kind of money any way. So I want to apologize if it annoys anyone that I don't show any high end poilshes on here. I ordered 5 China Glazes a few months ago and I have yet to swatch all of those and I've already swatched my 2 OPIs and my 1 Essie and thats all I have for more "expensive" nail polish. I don't have Konad yet but my birthday is in May and I'm asking for that as well as Bundle Monster plates (they're cheap on Amazon) and some Zoya, OPI, and Misa sets as well as Seche Vite!! DUH! And then hopefully I will be getting a job... definitely this summer so I'll have some more money to spend but for now, I do what I can!!

Anyway, mini rant over. This color really surprised me. I got it because A) It was 99 cents B) It was a cute spring color that I thought I could use for Easter/spring designs and C) It was 99 freakin cents!! I didn't expect to LOVE this color on me as much as I did!! But I do, and I now understand why pale pinks like this are so popular: they're flattering!! This one made the ugly ridges on my nails almost disappear and made my nails look so well taken care of, clean and perfect!! I love, love, love this color!! I just wish this had a better formula. :(

Tickled Pink needed 3 coats for opacity... it was pretty opaque at 2 but I had so much cuticle drag and streaks it needed 4 coats in total to smooth it all out. The formula was thick and runny at the same time as well as slow drying after the first coat. The second issue was that this color would not photograph accurately... it kept coming out as white or a lilac-y pink which its neither. I took about 60 pictures but only have a few to share because of the color issue. Plus it wouldn't color-correct in iPhoto as well as some other colors do...

First, this is Tickled Pink with one coat of Sinful Pinkie Glitter, which is the pink version of Nail Junkie, IMO, a gorgeous pink hex (?) glitter in a clear pink jelly base with little silver glitter pieces. These two made a great combo but after a few hours, I took it off partly because of my nail polish ADD and partly because it started to look like Barbie had thrown up on my nails...

Blurred to show sparkle... fail!

Very color accurate! This was sooooo girly... too girly for me I think in the end.

 Close (ish) up of glitter (click to see detail...)

Now here is Tickled Pink all by itself... lots of angles to try get the color right. Its actually brighter than all of these show!!

Natural light... cotton fuzz fail!

Its showing too light here...

Still too light...

This is probably the most accurate... its still too light though! My camera hates this color!

Natural light again... TOO DAMN LIGHT!!

Sorry about the failed pictures. :( What do you think of pink like this? Do you know of a dupe?

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!


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