Saturday, March 19, 2011

Irish Green take 2


I'm so sorry I missed St. Patty's Day! I did a water marble that came out so/so using 4 different greens; SH XW Mint Sorbet, SH XW Ivy League, Sinful Irish Green and Nicole One Time Lime. My camera was dead and it chipped by the end of the day when I usually take pictures so I didn't bother.

I wore Funky Dunkey on Friday and Amanda and I have both worn that on here so I figured I didn't need to swatch it again. And then last night I decided to give Irish Green another chance since I love the color so much. It went on better this time without a base of white but it needed 5 coats to get it close to opacity. I just kept layering them on and on until I was happy. The color got even better with each additional coat. I took some pictures outside today since clearly the indoor florescence wasn't working on this one. These are closer to color accurate but are still not. I officially give up trying to photograph this one. *waves white flag* But I'll share the pics anyway since I have nothing new to post...

Okay big disclaimer on this one: My nails are terribly stained so please do not judge them! Also these are with no cleanup. And this is my right hand because I suffered a bad break to my ring nail Thursday night and it looks awful. I don't even want to go there... its quite upsetting.

Okay, *deep breath* here goes nothing:

I'm gonna keep these smaller than usual because the lack of cleanup is pretty bad, my nail line is showing (*shudders*) and they're not great pictures anyway. Oh and these are all 5 coats with Insta-Dry top coat in natural sunlight, because it was really sunny today.

Both of these are as color accurate as I could get. Its still a cooler toned green that's less bright. If you have this one; you know what I mean. I reccomend seeing this one in real life because no picture, no matter how color accurate can capture the depth and squishiness of this jelly-ish neon which is an oxymoron IMO anyway.

This is my poor poor left hand. I don't want to talk about it. Its ugly and there's no way I'm filing the others down... small picture because its ugly, click to enlarge at your own risk. Enlarging photo may cause gasping, gagging, retinal bleeding and nightmares. *sobs*

Hopefully I've some new swatches tomorrow. Plus I've decided now that I NEED Essie Lapis of Luxury so I am on a hunt for that. Why? Check these out:

I just got these today and the Essie would be the perfect pedicure color to match with these! They are soooooo cute and actually pretty comfortable! My first ever pair of wedges, I am so excited to rock these this spring/summer!!

Hope you have a great day/night and thanks for looking!



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