Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100th Post, Whoo! And my Brush has Scoliosis?

Hey everyone!

This is Ha Bisky! Nails 100th post on our blog! Wow, hard to believe that there's a 100 different posts here already.

So yesterday I was at Walgreens with my family when I found the display for the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat nail polishes. I thought that they were coming out next month, but there they were. They had plenty of Cherry Smash, Fuchsia Shock, and Distressed Denim. They only had one bottle left of the Antiqued Gold, Vintage Violet, and Snow Blast. They were out of Fractured Foil and Ink Splatter. I really wanted the bottle of Antiqued Gold, but I couldn't choose between Vintage Violet and Snow Blast. I finally choose the last bottle of Vintage Violet figuring I might be able to find Snow Blast again.

(from L to R) Antiqued Gold, Vintage Violet

I tried the Vintage Violet first because it was purple. Vintage Violet is the same color as Sally Hansen Xtreame Wear Purple Potion only in crackle form and a different name. It has blue shimmer to it so when you put top coat over it, you can see the shimmer come out in the light. This crackle went on nice and smooth just like any other non-crackle Sally Hansen nail polish. And unlike other purple crackle polishes (cough, China Glaze, cough) out there that don't crackle that much, this one really crackles. So Vintage Violet is a win, but my brush was curved when I pulled it out of the bottle. So does this mean my brush has Scoliosis? Here's a picture of it:

See? It's kind of curved, so I don't know what's wrong with it. It works fine though so that's all that matters! Here's what Vintage Violet looks over three coats of Sinful Colors Fly Away with a coat of Seche Vite on top of it all:

I put the crackle on in a somewhat thick coat and it crackled really well. You can put this crackle polish on in any thickness or thinness you want and it will still crackle really well. Love this crackle polish, it get's a Ha Bisky! (first time in a while a polish has gotten one of those!)

Today I played with the Antiqued Gold. Antiqued Gold is a pale gold foil-ish crackle. I don't like gold all that much because I think it can be tacky and gaudy, but Antiqued Gold just looks so pretty in the bottle. I like it because it's pale and light in color, not gaudy and loud like most gold colored polishes are. This crackle went on relatively well, but my brush didn't want to expand to cover my nail all that much. It does crackle, but it's more temperamental of how it crackles than Vintage Violet is. It crackles well if it's painted on in a medium-thick coat. I found that if the coat is too thin, then it won't crackle. Too thick of a coat and it won't crackle either. So you have to find that happy medium with this crackle. I still like it a lot though, it will just take some tinkering around to get the right thickness down pat.

Here's Antiqued Gold on top of two coats of China Glaze Skate Night. Sorry about the mess around my nails, there was a thunderstorm moving through and I was trying to take pictures quickly so I'd have light in case the lights went out. Once again, sorry!

As you can see it didn't really crackle that well on my pinkie or middle nails, but on the other nails it crackled pretty well. Like I said before, it'll take some tinkering around to find that right thickness. Also, this crackle works better for darker colors; I tried it with OPI Planks a Lot and it didn't show up that well on that light shade.

So I hope that this helps you in figuring out if you want to buy Vintage Violet and/or Antiqued Gold. I'm hoping that I'll have some more of the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat polishes in the rest of the colors available soon to review and show all of you!



  1. I love the purple and blue combo!

  2. WOW! The purple looks GREAT! Not really feelin' the gold, but I may have to go buy the purple asap :)

  3. Whitney, I really like the purple as well. The gold is okay; it'll probably come back for December and a couple of times before that.

    Gotham, thanks, the purple and blue combo was my favorite :)


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