Monday, May 30, 2011

WnW Gray's Anatomy, party nails and pedi, and animals being cute


Sorry for the completely uncreative title... First off I am finally up to date in reading blogs so this explains why I have just today commented on some of your posts from days and days ago. I'm so happy to be up to date because, truthfully, it was really stressing me out being behind. I have spent pretty much all day today in front of the computer just reading posts... 5 hours or more!! I'm so unproductive! But I am posting today so I think that might make up for it (in my own world it does!) I'm also in talkative mood today so forgive me if I babble on and on. I'll just bold in what's important and you guys can choose to either read the long or the short version!! I hope you guys don't mind. As my friend's mom said yesterday (she's also kinda my second mom!!) "Fiona can't tell a short story!" Haha, so true!

First off, as you've probably gathered from the title is some swatches of Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy. I was too lazy to go and get the bottle upstairs (its REALLY hot and humid here, like 91 degrees F) so here are some awkward bottle-less swatches. Sunlight pics, woooo whoo!!!

I'm gonna apologize right off for any weird dents, bubbles and some polish on my skin that I swear I didn't notice before taking this pictures. It was a bad mani night last night. :(

This is 4 ish coats of GA, a semi-sheer silver with lilac and cool green flashes. Definitely a multi-chrome. I know this was popular a few months or so ago and everyone was swatching it then, so I'm kinda late. Better late than never. I'd wanted this one for a while now, but it was always sold out at the WnW displays. Supposedly, this is a close dupe of Lippman's Wicked Game and very similar to OPI Not Like the Movies from the Katy Perry collection.

I'm wearing 4+ coats because like I said it was a bad mani night. Its opaque and looks fine at 3 coats, 2 if you don't mind some VNL. I was watching I Am Number Four last night with my mom while doing my nails (I don't suggest do a mani on the couch while watching a movie. It never comes out very well) so I was rushing because she had already started the movie and I didn't want to miss it. Its an awesome movie by the way, I recommend seeing it!! Anyway, I did 3 coats and sat to watch the movie. Now, I'll admit I tend to fidget a lot while watching movies, I can't just sit still!! So I was picking the dried polish on my pallete (plastic bin cover) and ended up ruining the tips of some nails. So I did another coat to fix it. Then it was too thick and goopy and not drying, so I gave in and used SV, even though I'm trying to conserve it, and let that dry. I continued picking at the dried polish (its fun to peel it off!!) and the SV wasn't playing nicely with the 4 goopy coats of GA so I ended up with dents still. :( GA also bubbled a little (or a lot...) so that didn't help. Moral of the story is not to do too many coats because it may not dry right and you'll end up with a crappy mani.

Its still super pretty though so I don't mind all the trouble it cost me. This is one the most subdued manis I've ever worn on here and I kinda like it. I still was tempted not to put either pink, gray or black crackle on it or stamp some skulls or something, lol!!

I also totally LOVE the name of this! I love all the bad TV show puns from this collection! They're terribley fantastic! I used to love the show Grey's Anatomy and used to watch re runs of it on Oxygen (I think) all last summer, starting from the beginning. My absolute favorite character was George as I have a thing for baby-faced guys with shaggy hair. After Googling the actor who played him, I learned that his character was killed off (spolier alert!!) in the second or third season, which depressed me to no end because I really only watched the show for him (his name is T.R. Knight if you are unfamiliar with the show) so I watched up until the episode before he dies because I couldn't bear to see him die (I know, I know, its only a show!!) and then I stopped watching it.
I also hated watching the opening credits of that show because at the time last year I was going through a break up with a guy named Patrick Dempsey (for real!!) and was really sad about it. It wasn't so much of a break up, but I don't know what else to call it because its a very loong story and I've already babbled so much. Basically he wasn't answering my facebook messages and being an @$$hole in general. We'd had a "thing" and gone on at least one date but we never really in a relationship so he's technically not my ex. So, seeing his name so much in the opening credits was actually making me sadder so I always avoided the opening. I'm okay with posting this personal info because he would never ever be reading this since he cut himself off from me completely.

Speaking of subdued (or not subdued), here's the mani I wore yesterday to my really good friend's graduation party (let's call her "J" since I call her that too!!) These were taken after the party so I apologize for the major chipping and the gross yellow nail tips!

This is alternating in between 1 coat of Orly Gumdrop with WnW Kaleidoscope (holo glitter for 99 cents!!) and 2 coats of Nicole Nicole's Nickel with Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fuchsia Shock with SV. Apparently, this combination of polishes didn't hold up too well because this chipped off, as you can see, in less than 24 hours. After the pictures, I was able to peel this all off in sheets. I should also mention that the first time I wore NN with SV, it all peeled off in sheets as well after about a day. The same thing happened with the combo of Nicole One Less Lonely Glitter and SV. I don't know if this is just my body chemistry or the combination of these opaque Nicole glitters and SV. It weird and I am not a fan of it.

Also, as you can also see the SH crackle didn't want to crack so well. I tried it over tacky polish but I think the coats were too thick. I did them thick because I wanted it to be opaque, but then I decided I like the effect of the glitter shining through it after the fact. I think I will do thinner coats next time over tacky polish because it definitely doesn't crack very well over completely dry.

I do like the way it cracked on my index though, as seen above. I kept these small because the yellow of my tips and peeling skin.

And here's the pedi I wore to the party with my matching shoes. Here's the picture of the shoes I posted on here when I first got them a few months ago, in case you didn't see it then. This is off the Khol's website.

Here's me in the shoes and my matching pedi. You can see my dog Cocoa's paw behind my feet, she insisted on being in the picture!!

Small because my toes are kinda ugly and red!! Please ignore my messed up left big toe. As I mentioned before, I had a procedure done on it to remove an ingrown toenail and kill off the nail so it wouldn't grow back. Its small and skinny now as compared to my chubby toes!

For this pedi, I used 1 coat of Orly Snowcone, which I wanted solely for the purpose of matching to these shoes, I promise its the exact same color, it just looks bright here. I also attempted to stamp one of my about 50 flower images from my fauxnad plates using Konad white. I was not having a good stamping night and its quite difficult to stamp on toes anyway, so it came out pretty terrible.

Out in the sunlight! Yeah, I have cankles... boo. And suuuuuper pale legs and feet which I pretty proud of. I embrace my paleness!!

And finally, my dog Cocoa wanted to be in the indoor pictures of the shoes so I decided to take some pictures of her and my cat Marley who was just hanging out. Some of them came out pretty cute so I decided to share them! 

She is TOTALLY posing for the camera here, look at that sassy eye roll!!

Here I was trying to get a picture of Marley, but Cocoa stuck her giant head in the picture at the last second!! Hahahaa!!

Here's Marley!!

Cocoa intruding on the picture again!!

Marley being a fat lazy and HOT! cat. I mean hot because it was so hot out today!

Thanks for reading my lengthy novel of a post if you did and I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day (our American readers) and Monday for everyone else!! 


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