Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Babies Are Here!! (the biggest post ever... PIC HEAVY!!)


Yes, our Zoya exchange order came this morning!!

Without further ado, here is the promised gigantic post showing everything!! Enjoy!

This is our entire order (minus the 2 that are still on back order, Areej and Rica and we both got Ivanka so both are not pictured)
From left to right, top row: Mimi, Dannii, Zara, Malia*, Kieko*, Ibiza*, and Kelly*
Bottom row: Crystal, Phoebe*, Ivanka, Faye, Jolene, Lolly*, and LC*
* = Amanda's

I stacked them using pieces of cardboard to hold them up. I didn't want to risk it by adding Lolly and LC to the top... these are in pretty much the same order as above.

The purples... we like purple a lot!!

The blues! (don't mind Phoebe, my camera just hates her...)

The other colors! Lolly is just the matte version of Jolene (or so it seems!) and LC is not really that red...

I couldn't get all of these in one shot!

This is my order in the cute little box it came in!

The ones I got!

My little Zoya army!!

Posing!! Ignore the positioning fail...

Zoya Mimi, from the Sparkle collection is a "royal purple sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for spring." as described by Zoya. This is absolutely gorgeous, and I think it was my first ever Zoya lemming! A lemming is killed! I would describe this the same way as Zoya except I would add that its a sparkly version of Sinful Colors Let's Talk.

Zoya Dannii is from the Intimate collection and is a "medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer. A unique metallic with a pop of fun color to keep your look fresh." from the Zoya website. I would have to agree and add that this is stunning and super opaque!!

Zoya Zara is similar to Dannii and is from the Flourish collection. Its a "vivid blue-toned light purple with strong golden duochrome shimmer. Gives a magical look to nails" from the website. The shimmer in this is so unique and is ethereal looking, it really is magical!!

Zoya Crystal is from the Flame collection and is a "light, silvered shiny blue metallic foil with sparks of brilliant yellow gold.  A cool, snowy winter blue that's ideal for any Ice Princess" from the website. This is the most unique color I have ever seen and its so unique from anything in my collection! This is one of my favorites! This is a dead on dupe of the old, discontinued, and coveted, OPI Reflecting Pool. Google it to prove it, it really is!

Zoya Ivanka is also from the Sparkle collection and is a "mermaid green sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer" from the website. I don't know why in my picture it has a weird blue ring around it but its not there IRL or on the nail so I have no idea where it comes from. This color is drop dead gorgeous, the green version of Charla, the sparkle is crazy!! One of my favorites!

Zoya Faye is from the new Sunshine collection and is a "bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones flooded with bright gold sparkle.  A unique gilded shade that will work in any season" The words "gilded" and "unique" are key in this!! This description is perfect!! I freakin' love this color, its so gorgeous and the sparkle, again, is ridiculous!! This is one of my favorites!

Zoya Jolene "Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jo-leeene!!" try getting that out of your head now... I haven't been able to! Anyway its from the Flash collection and is "summery and bold, this girly pink is a winner" from the website. I would describe this as a creamy bubblegum pink that screams "GIRLY!" I'm going to have make sure my sister doesn't steal this one from me, haha! This color is so different for me and in this order it stands out. I'm really glad I decided to get it though, its awesome!

Here are some quick skittles:

Zoya swatches!! Dannii, Zara, Crystal and Ivanka 3 coats of each.

3 coats of Mimi. I apologize for the messiness of these, I didn't clean up since I was just swatching so I hope this doesn't upset anyone.

Zoya swatches!! Faye and Jolene, 3 coats each. Do you see the crazy shine on Jolene!!?! Thats without top coat!

WARNING: Toe pictures ahead!

This is the pedi I did with 2 coats of Ivanka, topped with SV. I do NOT suggest clicking to enlarge these... my feet are kinda ugly! I'm also hiding my deformed left big toe for a reason...

And now for my NOTD, using Crystal:

This was 4 coats... only because I messed up a few nails... it was opaque in 2, with SV on top. Look at the gorgeous gold flecks in this!!?!! Its amazing! This color is so subdued until you look up close and then its like BAM!! I surprisingly, love it!

So, overall, I am in LOVE with Zoya! I'm an official Zoya addict! I love everything about them! The bottles, they're so much smaller than I thought, but they're so cute!! They have a cute little brush, its like a short, stumpy version of the OPI brush and its really soft, and fans out so well!! I think every nail polish company should take some tips from Zoya!! I will definitely be ordering more!!

The only thing I was unhappy about was the delivery time... we ordered on 4/21... 12 days ago! I know that the exchange promo sees a lot of business at once so they can't ship all the orders out quickly but I still feel like that was a long time! I'm also sad that Rica was on back order. It'll be here soon, hopefully!

I hope I didn't go over board with the pictures, although I know I kinda did... I did narrow down these 31 from the 38 that were narrowed down from 130... so I think I did pretty well!! :)
Plus, I personally prefer more pictures than just a few.

Now, I'm probably not going to post for a while because I have a Bio paper due on Thursday that I haven't started yet... so yeah... probably not til this weekend because I need to stop procrastinating. As much as I would like to do nothing more than paint my nails and post, I can't. So I'll take pictures of all the manis I do between now and then and post them all this weekend.

So, I hope you guys enjoy your week and thanks for looking!!



  1. Yayyy you finally got your order!!! Exciting :)

  2. I knowwww!! :) I was sooo excited when they came, I riped open the box!!


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