Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm A Barbie Girl...


Hey guys! Welcome new followers and thanks for sticking with us, to the existing ones! :) Yeah, I'm finally doing a post... sorry about my absence. I've finally got most of my work done and have a window of free time today since I got up relatively early, for me anyway.

So this is, of course, a past mani, since I am not up to date on things. This mani was from Monday night and I wore it all day Tuesday and Wednesday as well. I've been pretty busy so unfortunately I don't have time to change my nails every day like I usually do. May is definitely not a fun month for a college student, despite it being my favorite month because of my birthday (which is in 4 days... I made a countdown for it which I'm sure you've seen over in the side bar...) Anyway... I'm very stressed and burnt out on school and beyond ready for it to be over. I still have a homework assignment due Friday for Chemistry, a quiz for another class due Friday as well, 3 written finals to take next week, Chemistry on Monday, Biology on Wednesday, and Algebra at 8 AM on Friday. Then I have a final paper for another class due next Sunday. Yeah... I still have a lot on my plate. Plus I have to go to Bio lab in about half an hour and then Chem is pretty much right after that. *sigh* But enough about that, because thats boring and this blog is about nails.

This is the fun and bright Zoya Jolene, a creamy, candy pink. This was 3 coats because it does have a sort of a jelly-ish formula, but I wouldn't call it a jelly. Its not a super unique color, but the finish on this is unique for this color, its incredibly shiny without any top coat, in fact SV dulls the shine a little!!

I'm so sorry, I can't remember if these pictures were with or without SV... I know I put it on eventually but I'm not sure if its on in these pictures... I need to remember to write these things down.

I also can't comment on the color accuracy of these because its taken off now and I can't remember... I'm sorry. I fail at blogging. :( But now looking at the pictures all together, I think these first two are the most color accurate.

I know the flash pictures like this (the ones where my skin looks yellow) show it too saturated...

I think these last two make it look too dusty...

I also did a pedi with Jolene (Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jo-leeeene, I'm beggin' you please don't take my man...) Sorry, I had to do it. I apologize for the double earworm of Jolene and I'm a Barbie Girl...

I found these super cute Lisa Frank bandaids at Walmart on Saturday and the 11 year old in me squeed. I needed them.

When I was little, I used to LOVE Lisa Frank... still kinda do... and plus these come in an awesome little tin, and with BONUS STICKERS!! One of the sticker sheets is just regular stickers... rainbow butterflies and stars, but they're 2D. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of them. Then, the other sheet is 3D jewel stickers!! (Sorry a few are missing... I forgot to take a picture before I used them... I fail yet again)

This was VERY exciting to me!! I instantly had an idea for a super girly pedi involving Jolene and these jewel stickers. So I did.

WARNING: Feet pictures below...

See! Super cute! Sorry about the lack of cleanup... I didn't think to do any honestly...
So what I did was, paint my toes with 3 coats of Jolene and while it was still wet, very carefully peeled off some purple star stickers (which was super difficult because those mother f-ers are tiny!!!) and stuck them onto my big toe nails. I finished with 2 generous coats of SV. I've had them on for 4 days now without any problems so I hope they stay for a long time!!

Again, I do not suggest enlarging these photos, the SV bubbled very badly and it looks horrible with macro... plus the lack of cleanup is pretty bad too. Sorry.

So I hope you guys enjoy your day and the rest of your week in case I don't get around to posting again for a while...

Oh and I want to thank Kate my Mate for tagging us for the 3 polish challenge, since Blogger wouldn't let me comment on her post! I hope to get around to that this weekend... It sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Oh man I totally know how that school craziness husband is an Exercise Science major minoring in Chemistry. And then he is going to pharmacy school after that!! Btw...I loved Lisa Frank too! I had no idea you could still find that stuff! haha


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