Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hey all!


Long time, no post from me, I know, sorry... I don't really have an excuse and I feel really bad about not being caught up on blog reading, commenting and posting. :( Right now I unfortunately don't have any batteries in my camera... I have pictures for you guys, including my first stamping attempts and I want to put together a haul post since I have hauled a substantial amount of polish in the past few days... :) I just need to find the undivided time to sit down and actually do a dedicated post. I was gone most of the day today, running errands and such. Then I will have another busy-ish day tomorrow, as I am attending an orientation on a LNA (licensed nursing assistant) course which is probably gonna be my new job. Hooray, wiping butts. Super. Anyway, hopefully Thursday I will be able to post. But I guess, don't count on it. :(

I guess I'll just let Amanda take over most of the posting for now until I can get my sh!t together. :)

Talk to you guys later, and sorry again for being a bad blogger. : /


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