Monday, May 30, 2011

Pick 3 Challenge!


I did this about 3? weeks ago... maybe 2... I have no idea. Anyway a comment Whitney made on yesterday's post made me realize that I never posted this when I did it.

So The Kiwi With The Crazy Nails tagged us for the pick 3 challenge that's been circulating around the blogosphere for a while now. The challenge? Blindly pick 3 polishes from your stash and do a manicure with them. So dumped out my stash, had Amanda mix them up for me since they were organized by color and reached in and picked Zoya Zara, Wet n' Wild Raincheck and China Glaze Flyin' High. I think I got pretty lucky! A purple, a periwinkle and a blue!! I'd said before I actually picked any colors that I would take the easy way out and just do vertical stripes with whatever colors I ended up with, but look! I got 3 very similar colors that lend themselves very nicely to a gradient! So that's what I did!!

Sorry I don't have a bottle shot of the 3! I thought I'd taken one, but I guess not!

I started with a coat of Flyin' High (blue) as a base and then painted Raincheck on the last 2/3 of my nail and tried to gently touch it with my finger a la Robin Moses as seen in this video but didn't do as good a job as she did. Then I did Zara on the last 1/3 of my nail and tried the same technique to get the colors to blend. I like out it turned out, although it could be better. This is with no cleanup and no top coat because I did not wear this a mani, or even both hands. I just didn't feel like actually wearing it so I took it right off after the pictures.

The pictures make it look worse than it actually was and my ring nail was shaped weird here... I don't remember why but I should have shaped it!!

Amanda already tagged people in her pick 3 post so I'm not gonna tag anyone else.

Again, enjoy your day/night guys and thanks for looking!!


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