Monday, May 30, 2011

The Zoya Fairy Came Saturday along With a Giant Sally's Coupon

Sorry that I haven't posted since Monday everyone, I caught the cold that my dad had on Tuesday and I was fighting it all week. It's the end of May; it should no longer be freakin' cold season! But I did get my package from Zoya Saturday that contained the nail polishes I got from their French Twist promo last weekend. :) These are the one's that I got:

Crystal (Fiona got this through the swap and then I wanted it!)

Suvi (it's more emerald green-ish)



Charisma (sorry for the weird background, I was trying to get this photo color accurate and it's still not the real color. It's more of a neon purple/magenta color)

Alegra (it's really a magenta color, my camera hates magenta with a passion)

Astra (the red is magenta, not red. Damn you camera!)

Catlin (one of the free bottles I got through the Twisted French promo)

Dove (the other free bottle I got through the promo)

Also this month, I got a coupon from Sally's Beauty Supply for 15% off since I spent more than $25 in there last month. I really wouldn't call what I got a coupon though since it was a huge ass green postcard that was about a foot wide and 5 inches tall. It's probably the biggest discount coupon that I've ever gotten and also one of the hardest to lose since it was huge and green. But with my huge coupon, I bought:

Peaceful Purple (part of the Finger Paints' Spring collection)

Laugh My Art Off

Hue Left A Message?

Crushed Candy

Broken Hearted

And I also got another bottle of SV. I had a hard time picking out the China Glaze crackles though. My Sally's had all of the colors except for the black one. They had Cracked Concrete (which Fiona got for her birthday), Fault Line (the purple crackle that doesn't really crackle), Lightning Bolt (the white that doesn't really crackle either), Crushed Candy, and Broken Hearted. I couldn't remember if Broken Hearted crackled that well, and I couldn't text Fiona if she knew, so I decided to just buy it. Mine does crackle pretty well so it was a good buy then.

With all of the polishes I got Saturday, I couldn't decide which polish to put on, but I finally decided on Zoya Charisma. Charisma won the InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2011, and there's a reason for it! This polish is described on the Zoya website as an "ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned purple cream. This neon shade dries matte, but also can be worn with topcoat for a glossy finish". And this is exactly what this polish is. This polish went on smoothly, and it did dry matte which also means that it dried pretty fast. Not as fast as normal matte polishes, but fast for a neon color. It took three to four coats to get it full coverage, and a coat of SV brought Charisma back to a shiny finish. 

Charisma is quite the lady: indoors she's a bright neon violet purple that stands out in a subtle way that says "oh, don't mind me, I'm just naturally bright. I'm not trying to stand out intentionally.". Outside she's a bright neon purple-tinted magenta that just screams "I'm here, let this party begin because I'm here now and I'm ready to shine!". 

Here's what she looks like inside. Sorry I don't have any outdoor pics yet because it was too hot and humid to go outside of my house yesterday. All pictures are four coats with a coat of SV on top.

Charisma with the flash on indoors: this is what she kind of looks like outside.

This is what she looks like indoors with no flash. I kind of had to brighten my pics on my computer since the lighting in my room sucks a bit with this color. My hand did not look yellow at all with this color so please ignore the jaundice look of my skin in the next few pics. Also these pics are exactly what the bottle of Charisma looks like.

Charisma is a good color for people who have cool skin tones like me (even if some of my pics make me look yellow), but it's such a fun and bright color that people with warm tones can pull it off as well. So if you've been wanting to buy this color for a bit but just weren't sure you'd like it, I say that you should because it's a good color for summer and it's just so bright and fun that you kind of just have to have this color for yourself. So along with the Best Beauty Buys award, I give Charisma a big HA BISKY! for being so awesome and bright.



  1. Can't wait to see more swatches of these! :)

  2. I'm hoping to have some more up this week. I currently have on Isla and she is gorgeous! She'll be up tomorrow night.


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