Monday, May 23, 2011

Ha Bisky! Nails is Now on Facebook

Hey everyone!

Are you the kind of person who spends hours a day creepin' on your friends' walls on Facebook? Still play Farmville and have to harvest your crops every four hours? Like to "Like" your favorite things for the world to know? Well, why don't you head on over to Facebook, or even better click on our Facebook button to the right and "Like" us right now! Yes that's right, Ha Bisky! Nails is now on Facebook so now you can keep up with us in your news feeds. So while you're creepin' on you hot crush's photos or waiting for your crops to grow, you can check us out to see what we have for new manicures, what we've discovered for nail polish in a store, what our animals are doing, or see what we have to say about the day. So what are you waiting for, "Like" us today!


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