Monday, May 9, 2011

Zoya, Zoya, Zoya!


I'm sorry this isn't up sooner, like a few days ago sooner. I had a busy weekend with no time to post. I meant to, because I took pictures... but yeah. Enough excuses.

Let's get right to the Zoya pictures, shall we...

Fist up is one you've already seen on me as a pedi but here is this beauty as a mani.

Zoya Ivanka, 3 coats I think, with SV. There was definitely not this much VNL in real life, I swear!

Please excuse my gross stained nails and wacky nail line... just focus on the color!! :) I wore this for Green Wednesday last week... (yeah, thats how behind I am) but never posted it...

Next is Thursday's mani, the gorgeous Dannii.

Zoya Dannii, 2 coats, I think, with SV, this is super opaque!

This was pretty hard to capture, its not as bright or as pink as the first picture shows. Its not pink at all!! This is pretty accurate.

And last is Friday's mani, Faye. I know you've all seen this one a million times recently, but its worth another look!

This is so NOT accurate!! It showed much more gold on me than plum/mauve. I liked it, because it was different, but I kinda wish the purple tone had showed more.

THIS is what it ended up looking like. Stunningly sparkly!! This is 3 coats with SV. However, later that day, a piece almost the size of my whole nail on my index finger started to peel up and when I peeled it, it took almost all the polish off in a sheet!! :( So on Saturday I redid that nail and did an extra coat on all my nails and found that the SV kinda dulls the sparkle a little because the new coat was so incredibly sparkly. Either that or the initial crazy sparkliness started to dull as I wore it. Weird. (Wow, how many times did I say "sparkle" or "sparkly" in that last sentence?)

Please excuse what looks to be tip wear. I think I need to start wrapping my tips now that my nails are getting long. I did just break my index nail on this hand though so its a little shorter. :(

I hope you guys liked that!! Sorry again about the delay!

I'm also giving you guys a heads up that I will probably need to go on a short blogging hiatus starting either at the end of this week or next week that will probably last all next week, except for a birthday mani post! :) I have finals next week and will be quite busy so... yeah.

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekends (Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!!) and enjoy your Monday! Thanks for looking!

Bonus pics!! We got a new dog! Our beloved dog that we had for 8 years passed away last week so we decided it was time for a new addition!

Her name is Cocoa, she's 3 1/2 and is a Lab, Golden Retriever and Springer Spaniel mix. So far she is fitting in well! She's so full of love and energy!

And here's Marley, checking out one of our chickens! :)



  1. You best hold on to your Faye, Ivanka and your kitty, because I'm awfully tempted to come put them all in my pocketses! x


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