Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Not Dead!!


Hey guys! I know Amanda already posted that we are currently in the midst of taking our final exams but I wanted to update you guys! First off, welcome to our new followers!! And thank for you for following, it means a lot to us! We love to see our numbers climb... :) Maybe we could have a 100 followers giveaway sometime next year!! HAHA! :)

I had an awesome birthday on Tuesday, and hauled some new polishes as well as 20 "fauxnad" plates! I will have pictures soon, I promise! If you're interested in what I got, I have added the new polishes to my collection page at the top. They include my first Orlys, Finger Paints and Nina Pro. I can't show off my new plates yet because my stamper and scraper as well as special polish are still on their way to me in the mail. :( My mom forgot to actually order them until a week ago... Ooops!! As soon as I get that package, I will be in business!!

My finals are almost over, I just have one more Friday morning. Unfortunately, I will have no time to post until most likely this weekend or later because I have to pack up my entire dorm room for Friday afternoon all day tomorrow, move out Friday and unpack and do laundry and get myself situated to living back at home. I am not looking forward to it AT ALL which is why I have put off the packing and cleaning until tomorrow. Soooo... I will probably be too busy to post. But, after that I will be posting regularly with some awesome stuff for you guys!! :)

Oh and because it wouldn't be me without pictures... here are some! :)

This is my birthday cake... well what was left of it after my family and I got to it. Devil's Food and homemade buttercream frosting that I made a lovely aqua color with food dye... Om nom nom nom... I turned 19 by the way. Yes, I'm a youngin.

My sister (Rowenna)'s nails that she all by herself (she's 13) with WnW Tickled Pink and my black crackle. I thought she did an awesome job, especially since this was her first time using crackle!! Yes, those are her real nails too!!

My mom's nails that I did using my new polishes. Its pretty much the same as my cherry blossom design I did a while ago... its under the "art" label somewhere. :)

And since I was taking pictures of my mom's and Rowenna's nails, my brother Cullen (he's 15) wanted me to take a picture of his nails too (but wouldn't let me paint them!!) and made me promise to post them on my blog. So yeah... teenage boy nails!!

I'm gonna pretend this is cropped all nice because its 1 AM and I'm too lazy to crop it... his cuticles are terrible...

And here's Cocoa (my doggie) posing all cute for the camera!!

She looks sad and abused... she's not. :)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and I'll hopefully post as soon as I can!! :)

Thanks for looking!



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! Can't wait to see your new plates!! Also good luck on your final!


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