Monday, February 28, 2011

Bright Red Polish Doesn't Always Equal Jaundice Skin

Unless you've never worn nail polish before, stick to the same color all the time, or even live under a rock, then you know that certain colors make your skin look diseased. And if you're like me who has pale pink ivory colored skin with very subtle undertones of yellow, certain colors can make it look like you have liver disease. Yes I'm talking about polish shades that make you look jaundice. For me, this shade is mostly red.

Red, in my opinion, is one of those colors that is definitely guaranteed to be noticed since it's such a bright and noticeable shade. And I'm talking bright reds here people like fire engine red or corals. Problem with most of these shades of red and corals is that most of them have a lot of yellow pigments in them besides the red which brings right out the yellow undertones in my skin. So now while my nails are an awesome shade of red, I now look like I'm jaundice and people who see the yellow-tinted skin of my hands start to feel bad for me. They think that I've now got some sort of liver disease and that they should be nicer to me since they don't know how much longer I've got. It's because of looking jaundice that I pretty much now avoid wearing bright red colors because I had yet to find a bright red that didn't have soo much yellow pigments in it. That was until yesterday.

Say hello to Pure Ice Siren. Ain't she pretty?

I love this red color. This photo doesn't do this shade justice. The polish itself went on smooth and didn't streak. This is 3 coats only because I had VNL really bad, but other than that it was a very pigmented color. This red reminds me of fake blood. You know how fake blood is such a bright red because its supposed to imitating oxidized blood? This is pretty much what this red looks like if you can't get a good mental picture of it. And the best part? I don't look jaundice. Instead, my skin remained it's pinky self while my nails looked fierce in it's new bright red shade.

I even turned my bright red nails into a funky French by adding black tips. It looks so cool in a sexy vamp way. I would so wear this manicure on a date because its just so sexy looking (once again the photo doesn't do it justice). Eat your heart out boys, eat your heart out.


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  1. Hi Amanda!

    We love this mani! We are featuring it on our blog's Friday Five post tomorrow. Please take a look when you have a chance!

    Laura & Jennifer


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