Saturday, February 26, 2011

Injury and past NOTDs (Massive post!)


Yup, I'm injured.

 Wearing OPI Catch Me in Your Net and Amanda in the background :)

 My (right, OF COURSE I'm right-handed) wrist is severely sprained. I was on my way to Friday morning Algebra class at 8 AM. I was making the decision whether to go straight to class or to go and get a coffee since I had a few minutes. It was snowing pretty steadily and there was a about a cm of wet, heavy snow on the ground. I KNEW there was a patch of ice in that area but it was early, I hadn't had any coffee so I decided to get some and turned in that direction and slipped. It was one of those devastatingly slow, un-graceful, terrible falls where you know you're gonna fall, you're falling and then you're on your ass on the ice cold, snowy hard ice. I landed on my right side and caught my fall with my right hand, bending my wrist back waayyy too far. I had previously sprained my right wrist a few years ago when I fell when my younger brother and I were sliding on some ice one morning waiting for the bus. I'd had to have X-rays then and though it wasn't broken had to wear an Ace wrap for months and still have clicking in that wrist.
Anyway, I was on my ass on the hard ice and tried to get back up in a panic, it was more embarrassing than it hurt, and put all my weight on the wrist again to get back up which probably made it worse. Trying not to cry, I looked around to make sure no one had saw (no one had thankfully) and went back to the dorm room where I burst into tears and called my mom and left a message. I sat on my bed crying waiting for Amanda to come back from class to take me to the infirmary since I was too scared to go back out there alone. It hurt so bad at that point that I felt nauseous. I got a hold of my mom who told me what to do and calmed me down some. Amanda returned and we walked in the now increasing heavy snow to the infirmary which isn't too far but it felt very far. Of course, OF COURSE, I didn't wear boots (I had on sweatpants and sneakers), forgot my phone and my insurance info.
At the infirmary, they asked me many of the same questions over and over until finally someone got me an ice pack and sent me to have X-rays since something I said or did indicated I needed them.
Now here's the craziest part. Amanda and I walked to the hospital. Yes, we are insane, apparently. I suppose its not too far, but in the snow, it felt like a mile. In reality its maybe half to 3/4 of a mile. But still. We trudged, me injured, clutching my gloves which for some reason weren't on and the X-ray form, in my sneakers and sweatpants through the now 5 inches of snow.
Checking in was a mess, and I cried like newborn baby in the waiting room at radiology. You see, I am actually a big baby- I depend on my parents a lot. I was in considerable pain and was pretty scared since I'd never broken anything before and all I wanted was my parents.
I am blabbing on and on here so I'll skip to the important parts. My wrist is not broken, thankfully but badly sprained. After my X-rays, they sent me back to the campus infirmary to get a splint. They sent me back to the infirmary for a splint!! My mother is pissed about this, by the way, not to mention our lack of a way to get back to campus since there was no way in hell we were walking back. We ended up getting a ride back to campus, thankfully where I got a splint.
So that, was our Friday. And if you read this far, then THANK YOU! Oh, and not one person commented on my pretty mani, which I'll get to. You would think with all that grabbing my hand and examining it SOMEONE would have but noooo... 

Now I'll get to the point of this blog which is NAILS....

This was my mani on Thursday I was too lazy to post. I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Flyin' High which is a dusty teal creme with a green tone to it but it looks different in all kinds of light. This was VERY HARD to capture on camera. The color is NOT accurate at all. Its swatches like mine that made me want this polish in the first place since I thought it was a bright blue. Its not. So I was disappointed when I first tried it but I like it now. The application is perfect and so is the removal. It dries very glossy as well.

This is in artificial lighting at 2 coats, no base/top coat. Sorry for the mess. :(

Brighter artificial light.

Color corrected: ignore the weird skin!! This is slightly truer to color, color in the bottle is pretty accurate in this picture.

Its so creamy, dreamy and glossy! Yum!

Now for the mani. Here is the same polish with Claire's Flashy painted on as stripes with my Kiss striper brush. I think this color is a dupe for Sinful's Dream On which I also have but its old and dried out a little. It dried very matte and dark so put on 2 coats but it didn't do much to brighten it but I like the result anyway.

Here it is in artificial light with no flash and with my regular top coat. This is actually after 24 hours of wear. This hand isn't chipped so badly but my right hand was CHIP CITY!

With flash


These are the pretty nails I had on Friday when I fell. This is 3 coats, 3 coats, of Sinful's Snow Me White (streaky mess!!) with 1 coat of Sinful's Nail Junkie over the whole nail, another coat half way down and a third on the tips to create a gradient. I LOVE THIS!! I LOVE Nail Junkie so much especially since I had so much success with the foil method. These are, unfortunately crappy pictures of it because my camera apparently can't capture the glittery awesome-sauce. :( I took like 50 pics of this and none were very good.

Artificial light with flash (blech, this SUCKS!)

Flash off

Another try

These are my nails today that you saw in the first picture. This is 2 coats of Sinful's Rise and Shine with 4 coats of OPI Catch Me in Your Net on top. It was 2 coats originally which looked great but it got scratched and chipped (this is after more than 24 hours, a new record of having mani on) with top coat. I wasn't going to post this since Amanda already swatched it but mine looks very different with the Sinful underneath. I put the Sinful underneath because I was trying out a technique for sheer, glitter and flakie polishes that The Manicured Manatee posted about (I love her blog so much!!) where you pick a "partner polish" that matches the base and layer it underneath. Amanda says this looks like Zoya Ivanka (which we both want) and I agree. Its so foily, glowy and shiny and awesome!! The iridescence in CMIYN is AMAZING!

There are lot's of pics of this... all are in artificial light with flash.

My damn pinkie!!

 Hope you have a great day and thanks for looking (and reading my epic post...)


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