Monday, February 28, 2011

NOTD: Turquoise and Caicos (My first Essie!)


Today I have my first ever Essie nail polish!

I have been lemming this color since I saw it on some blogs ages ago. Its one of my favorite colors (as you will see) and I needed something bright for today since the weather is so crappy here (welcome to New England...) Snow, sleet, ice, wonderful... Here's a pic from the dorm window from a few hours ago:

My wrist is feeling a little bit better. It hurts to write, so school has been difficult so far, but not to type so blogging is fine. Thankfully I can still remove polish and paint well enough but maybe not well enough for any art... we'll see. Not being able to use my right hand is more frustrating than anything. Anything I do with my left I feel like my right is like "Let me do it, let me do it, I can do it better!"

Well, I am excited since I got some money! My parents shared some of their income tax return $ with me! Its so awesome of them to do that. Since I have so much extra cash now, I decided to splurge on the $7.75 Essie at Walmart when Amanda and I went yesterday. They had others but this is the only one that interested me and it was the last bottle too! SCORE!! She also got Hard Candy Beetle (!!!) which I will be swatching later. I can't wait to hit the Rite Aid and the nail salon this week... major haul coming up!! :P

Enough babble... on to the swatches!!

Here is my new pretty at 4!! coats. I was very disappointed with the formula on this. I've heard such great things about Essie but I should have done my homework and read some reviews of this color. Right before I put it on, Amanda was reading Polish Hoarder Disorder's blog where she said the formula sucked. She was right. This was thin and runny and it took a while to dry so of course I didn't let it dry in between coats (a bad habit of mine...) because I didn't have the patience and it just wasn't drying fast enough!!! Thus, I had a ton of bald spots during application that wouldn't go away... it was quite frustrating.
Buuttt... I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOR! I think it actually works with my skin tone and I love how it looks on me! I also love how glossy this dried (when it finally dried.)

All of these pictures are of it wet (of course) at 4 thin coats with no base/top coat.

Haha, glitter on my hand! There's glitter every where in the dorm room... its a long story. Oh and excuse the mess please! I didn't trust myself to maneuver the acetone dipped paintbrush with my hand... plus I'm running low on acetone and apparently Walmart doesn't carry it!

This is with no flash in what little sunlight we were able to get through the snow...

No flash, artificial light... see how glossy!!

This color matches my Converse almost perfectly!

Its also pretty close to my blanket... see what I meant about loving this color now?

Hope you have a great day and thanks for looking!


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