Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Flaky Polish Obsessed Part of my Brain Won't Shut Up.

Ever since I've seen polish swatches on the Manicured Manatee's blog, a part of my brain has become obsessed with getting my hands on a bottle of polish with flakies in it. This part of my brain keeps screaming out for it to be heard, and even takes control of my whole body long enough for it to open up Google, go to a site that sells polishes, and then demand that I order a bottle of flaky polish by then opening up a paypal account to buy said flaky polish. It's at this point that the rest of my brain takes control once again, and reminds that flakies obsessed part that if I DID open up a paypal account that I'd be broke within two weeks and that I will eventually find a bottle of flakies in a store. The flakies obsessed part still refuses to remain silent and keeps trying to demand the rest of my brain to just give in and buy a bottle online. The rest of my brain has been forced to lock up the flaky polish obsessed part in the deep recesses of my brain in a dark, dank, little cell where it runs a metal cup across the iron bars of the cell demanding to be released and it's orders followed. When I finally get a bottle of flakies, it will be released from its prison where it will do it's little victory touchdown dance in celebration of FINALLY getting flakies and being freed from its cell. But for now, it remains clanking that metal cup across the bars yelling at the rest of my brain to listen to it.

But now here's some pictures of my third attempt at water marbling that I did yesterday after Fiona and I got back from our adventure to health services and the hospital. I didn't take photos of the second one though because I got sick of it and chipped it off in a fit of rage over the crappy morning I had on Thursday and hadn't bothered to photograph it before that. But this one is a lot better than the second attempt. For this one I used Sinful Colors Why Not and Feeling Great and Sally Hansen Green With Envy.
(L to R) Why Not, Green With Envy, Feeling Great

The Left Hand

The Right Hand

I love how this came out. I had used Why Not as the base color for my water marbling (which went on with only ONE coat because its very pigmented!) so when I used Feeling great in the marbling, it turned the areas the pink was on a violet/periwinkle color. In other areas the pink stood out when it was mixed in the green, but I love how the color combo looked! This is just a bunch of epic awesomeness with a side of HA BISKY! I will probably be trying this again in the future just because I like it THAT much.



  1. This is really nice! Fiona, Thank you so much for your comment on LastLash. You're awesome. It was hard initially posting some of those pictures... but it gets less embarrassing with time. Your blog is great. Keep it going!

  2. Thank you, Annelise! This is Amanda's post actually... but thank you so much! I only just realized this was here *face palm* and please keep up LastLash as well!


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