Friday, February 18, 2011

NOTD: Love Bubbles


I am excited because I get to go home today! I have been here at school for 3 weeks and I am missing my home! And my kitties! And especially my parents! (I'm kind of a big baby sometimes.)

I was going to post Wednesday but time got away from me. I hauled some polish that day when Amanda and I went on a return trip to Rite Aid since we had the day off from classes (Winter Carnival? Yay?)
Here's what I got:

From left to right: Sinful's Fiji, Midnight Blue, Love Nails and Sugar Sugar

 Sally Hansen X-treme Wear: Crushed and Green with Envy

I had Mint Sprint on so I put one coat of Love Nails over that and came up with this. I love how it glowed. Love Nails is awesome and is my pedicure right now. Application is very smooth and pigmented but sheer.

One coat of each Mint Sprint (SH) and Love Nails, no base or top coat. With flash.

And same, again.

And then later that night I took that off and put on SH Crushed. The application was okay, a little runny and sheer but the color is very pretty so I don't care. This was a very difficult color to capture on film. The camera kept picking it up as red, when its a bright red-orange shimmer, with a copperish glow to it. It seems like its alive on the nail. Here it is at 3 coats (for sheerness) with no base/top coat and no VNL really.

This is how it kept coming out as with the flash.

Crappy pic but you can see the glow in the natural sunlight (with flash off)

Slightly better sunlight pic. It looks a little duochrome-y here but its not really! Also, it chipped rather fast as you can see on my index and middle fingers! :(

And now here is the explanation of the title: my NOTD!!! I wanted to do something fun and I saw this done with a pink background, a rubber ducky, and a bar of soap on youtube but I thought it was a little much. So I did a purely blue take on it and I really like it! I've also gotten a few compliments on it today (the checkout lady at the coffee place LOL!!)
The base is 2 coats of a franken of mine I call "Baby Boy." Its basically half a bottle of SH Insta-Dry Whirlwind White (which is AWFUL = STREAKY!!!) some SH Pacific Blue (a gorgeous blue *sigh*) and some SH Blue Me Away! Its a little lighter than I intended it to be but I didn't want to add any more blue for fear that it would suddenly become too dark. The bubbles are done with Love Nails and my homemade dotting tool (a pin stuck into a pencil eraser) and the white highlights on the bubbles with Kiss Nail Paint in white. I finished with a coat of my usual top coat (SH Advanced Strengthening)

Natural light with flash.

Natural light without flash.


Crappy closeup so I'll keep it small. :)


Have a great day, anyone who reads this! (Comments and following are always appreciated!!)


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