Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Purple Nail Polish Ever! (Well, at least in my opinion...)

In the town that our college is located in, there is a new nail salon (more like the only nail salon in this town) that just recently opened up. When Fiona and I were walking to Rite Aid on Sunday, we walked by the new nail salon and saw that they sold OPI nail polishes. The place was closed so we couldn't go inside to see what there was to offer.

Yesterday I had an hour to kill before my Biology class started after I got out of Biochemistry and decided to go back to Rite Aid to buy the two other polishes I had wanted to buy. Walking back, I went by the new nail salon and saw that they were open. I went in an spotted the shelves that had OPI and a few China Glaze nail polishes. While there were many shades that caught my eye, there was one that I instantly knew I needed to buy: OPI Nail Laquer Funky Dunkey.

This is without a doubt the best purple nail polish ever! It looks so pretty in the bottle, and after just two coats, it looked like the bottle color. I put three coats on though just to make sure that it was good. I also think that this polish might be a jelly despite the fact that it is a creme (a rarity when it comes to purple), but I'm not sure though because I did put on base coat before I started applying the polish. I still put top coat on to protect the polish. Oh well, all I know is that this polish went on very well and looks amazing.

Here's a picture with the flash on my camera on:

And this is the flash off:
I can without a doubt say that this color deserves a HAAAAA BISKYYYYYYYYY (and let it trail out since it's an awesome color)!


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