Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pedicure and Blue Franken


I had said on my bubble NOTD post about how much I loved Sinful's Love Nails, metallic turquoise, and how it was my pedicure. Well here are some pedi pictures... this is not really a POTD or a POTW... more like a Pedi of the ... whenever I get sick of it... a month or two maybe? :P I know how some people don't like feet so I will post smaller pics and put a disclaimer.


My pedi! My left big toe is smaller/skinny because I had an ingrown toenail in it and had to have part of it removed. Lesson learned: DO NOT CUT YOUR TOENAILS ROUNDED! My toes are also just kinda weird in general (thanks mom, I have my mom's feet) so sorry, if I grossed you out. I just wanted to show the pretty pedi color that is Love Nails and how much it shines in sunlight!

With flash in crappy lighting. Metallic-y goodness!! Its so bright it even shines through my socks!! Haha! :P

Its even more apparent IRL!! Oh and bottle pic of Love Nails.

Please ignore my schedule in the background...

Anyway, on my mani! This is a medium blue jelly franken that I am VERY proud of (I think its gorgeous!!) that I'm gonna call "Blueberry Blast!" This reminds me of swatches I've seen of a (or several, not sure) Nfu Oh Blue Jelly (IDK which #) 
I made it using half a bottle of old top coat that I got for Christmas or my birthday a few years ago, a brand from Khol's called "The Color Institute." It was a crappy top coat (it smeared art, took FOREVER and a half to dry, and was still dentable the next day) so I used it to thin out my chunky bottle of Sinful's Cream Pink (since I don't have thinner...) and also to thin my other franken. Thus, I was left with half the bottle. So added liberal amounts of SH XW Pacific Blue and an amazing navy creme I got at the department store Fashion Bug called Dark Denim and a few drops of SH XW Blue Me Away! for brightness. I LOVE the outcome! It's very sheer and the brush is HORRIBLE but its worth it. Here's what I used:

(L to R) Dark Denim, Franken, Pacific Blue, Blue Me Away!

All pics below are 4 coats with no base coat, and my usual top coat.

True color in crappy artificial lighting with flash.

Sunlight! *sighs*

I can seriously see my reflection in my nails!!

Yes, I HAD to add 4 sunlight photos! Haha, I love it that much!

Hope you have/had a great day and thanks for looking!


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