Friday, June 17, 2011

Wild Thang


I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! I know I said in my previous post that I would have pictures of Glitter in the Haze today, but I decided to do a leopard print instead. I know the animal print trend is very popular right now, and many of you are probably sick of seeing leopard print but I'm pretty proud of how this one came out, so I've decided to share it! This is the first time that I have used a dotting tool for the spots and a nail art brush for the "C"s.

I started with 2 coats of Orly Gumdrop, a bright, clean aqua which I really love. Its opaque in 2 but I smudged a few nails before they were dry, so I added a third coat. Then I used a mix of SH XW Lacey Lilac and Nicole I'm A Beliber to get a bright, light purple. IAB is too dark for what I wanted and LL is too light so I made medium color by mixing equal parts of each. It still came out a little lighter than I wanted; I was going for China Glaze Spontaneous. Oh well. Like I said, I used a dotting tool for the "blobs" instead of just using the polish brush. I think the key to making a good-looking leopard print is to space the blobs evenly, and not too close together. I need to work on that... Then, using a weird looking brush with a kink in the top of the handle so its like a bendy straw, which makes painting small details easier, I used WnW Black Creme to make the little "C"s and random dots. I finished with SV, which had some sparkles in it from my 3 AM franken so thats the greenish sparkles you can see.

Crappy indoor picture, but color accurate.

Outdoor, under cloudy skies, minutes before it started raining!

My nails look so much longer and nicer to me but then when I see pictures, they look stubby and gross... because macro picks up all the imperfections in the polish, like bumps and tiny chips, as well as in my skin. I guess you'll have to trust me that my nails look really good (to me) IRL.

My nails also match my outfit today, an aqua t-shirt from Aeropostale and a purple cami underneath. Gumdrop actually matches exactly with my shirt but the purples are different.

This is blurry, its hard taking a photo at this angle, but it shows the colors accurately.

Here's a clearer picture but the colors don't look as accurate due to the indoor lighting.

TGIF!! (I want to go out to eat at Friday's now...) I'll be back with another post tomorrow!!

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