Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm a BAD Blogger...


Yeah... long time, no hear from me, huh? I'm sorry. I've been having a very unmotivated summer so far and while I don't want to bombard you with whiny emo personal problems... let's just say I'm not really feeling like myself. I took an impromptu break from nail blogs for the last week or so and just spent 4 hours reading a week of back-logged posts. And now I feel guilty for not having something new to show you guys. I have been painting my nails (of course) and been taking pictures so eventually I will post some manis. Right now, I'm just kinda in a rut and feeling very blah and down in the dumps. I've been on practically a nocturnal schedule since I have no job and nothing to do during the day.

So, long story short, I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger and I hope to be back soon!



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