Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Back!


Yes, I'm back from my little unscheduled break! I'll try not to go MIA again but can't promise anything. Ironically, I should be back and able to report feeling great but I have actually taken ill today. My family is sick as well so we're thinking its a virus of some kind. My mom, brother, sister and I are all experiencing stomach flu issues (I'll spare you the details) as well as a fever, dizziness and fatigue. So I'm really feeling like crap right now.

So, all that aside, I have some pictures of the manis and pedis that I remembered to take pictures of while I was away.

First is a mani I did a while ago (I honestly don't remember when) with Sinful Forget Now and Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Fractured Foil. Forget Now is a magenta glass fleck jelly very similar to China Glaze Ahoy! and 108 Degrees as well as the new OPI Be A Dahlia Will You? from the Nice Stems collection. Oh yes, I have done my homework on this one!! I am still convinced this is a dupe of one of the above but since no one has done a really good comparison of them and I don't own any of them... I'll just have to speculate. 

These pictures really don't accurately capture what Forget Now really looks like. Its most like the bottle in the first picture, but thats still too red due to these crappy indoor flash pictures. I'll have to take some sunlight pics of this by itself.

Here's a pedi I did last week with Zoya Faye. I didn't think I would like this on my toes because I don't really like it with my skin tone, but I ended up loving it! I even discovered I have shoes that perfectly match this, but forgot to get a picture of them. The sad part is that I have soooo many pairs of shoes, that I was able to "discover" a pair that I own... I seriously have around 25 pairs of shoes and only wear about 4.

This is Nicole Make A Comet-Ment, a fine holo glitter. Holo fans, check this one out!! Its a scattered holo but its still awesomeness in a bottle! I have 3 coats pictured here, but if you do less than you can get a subtler look with the base color showing more. This is over Wet n' Wild Black Creme (best black EVER!!)

I mean, look at that bottle!! That is closer to what this actually looks like with top coat. I didn't wear any top coat with this because my bottle of SV is reaching its last days and I desperately need a replacement bottle. I saving it for slow drying polishes and nail art. This dries very quickly but does leave a the typical gritty glitter finish.

Here's a blurry picture to show the holoness!

Ba-BAM!! Now thats awesome! Get this one if you can, I always see it at Target! I mean it, you need this! You have to see it in person!

As you can see on my pinkie, its only holo in certain lights but thats due to the lack of top coat. Without top coat and in normal lighting (not sunlight) it kinda looks like static or white noise/snow on an old TV set set. But get it in the sun, it'll blind you!

Last, this is my latest franken. I have officially caught the frankening bug and have made quite a few.

I named it 3 AM. The story behind this is, I was doing my nails at around midnight, as usual, and was doing leopard print with Orly Its Up to Blue and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. Its Up to Blue is a foily, metallic bright teal. I did the spots with IUtB over FLC and realized it created a mermaid-y, mettallic greenish-teal reminiscent of Zoya Charla and its many dupes. So, in a stroke of genius, I got out Sinful Love Nails, which I discovered was an almost exact dupe of IUtB, and Zoya Ivanka, from the same collection as Charla and basically the green version. Next, I needed an empty polish bottle. So, after looking through my stash at polishes that I never wear and don't like and picked up Wet n' Wild Raincheck. It was 99 cents and I realized that I don't like it, since its a grayed out periwinkle frost, so I emptied it out and rinsed the bottle a few times with acetone. Then I emptied about half of my bottle of Love Nails into the empty WnW bottle and added a bunch of Ivanka, tearing up because I was using up one of my precious Zoyas. After adding and shaking and adding and shaking, I ended up using half of my bottle of Ivanka (*tears up*) By the time I was done, it was 3 AM, so that was its name.

Unfortunately, these pictures aren't showing what this truly looks like. The color is less saturated and there's more sparkle in it. The addition of Ivanka, created a really awesome gold sparkle. The sparkle is not as dense as it is in the Zoya Sparkles so it doesn't create a foil look. But its there, I swear, just not showing up at all on film.

I am in LOVE with this polish, it has almost quenched my lemming for Charla (or one of the dupes) and I know it really doesn't look like it here, but in real life, this polish is quite close to Charla. I have been wearing this for the past 3 days (which is very unusual for me) with no tip wear (I did use SV since it dries slow) and still love it just as much and am not sick of it yet!!

For my next post, I will have pictures of my other franken which I decided to call Glitter in the Haze. Its a lilac version of the Lippman Glitter in the Air, or close to it and I love it!

Finally, here's my pedi that I did a few nights ago.

The colored stripes are done with my striper brush on a base of SH XW Green With Envy (lime green) and I won't list all the colors but there is dark blue, teal, pink and orange. Then a day later, I added the daises with a dotting tool. My pinkie toe is not painted with the stripes because its too small to get more than 2 colors on it and I thought, at the time, it wouldn't be noticed, but now I see that it kinda sticks out as not being striped. Oh well.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and thanks for looking!! I hope to be back to posting regularly!


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