Monday, June 27, 2011

Sinful Colors Love (pic and word heavy)


Look! Its me! Posting at a normal hour! WOW! This is a first in a while, haha! I actually got up at a normal hour today too: 9 AM! I've been getting up every day for a few weeks at 2 PM or later.

First order of business, thank you all so much for all your great comments on my last post on my splatter nails! I really appreciate it and loved hearing what you guys had to say! Your comments make my day! :)

My mom's party was really fun last night, she was really surprised at all the people that were there! The only bad part was right around cake time I started to get my blurry vision which meant a migraine was coming on and then This is me editing myself because I feel like sometimes I talk too much about my personal problems and unnecessary information. I would love it if you would please leave a comment telling me whether you prefer edited, shorter posts or you enjoy the long posts. Or if you simply don't mind (or care) either way. Thank you! the worst migraine I'd had in months slammed me. I spent the last half hour of the party lying in the back seat of my parent's car, feeling like the world was spinning and like my head was going to split open. The car ride back home from my aunt and uncle's house was hell, especially since my 15 year old brother drove (my mom was in the passenger seat instructing him; don't worry!) I went straight to bed when we got home at 9 PM and went right to sleep after taking my migraine meds. I feel much better today, thankfully!

Today I was bored since I have a lot more time on my hands than I'm used to since I got up so early so I decided to do some swatching since its a nice and sunny day. Its also quite warm (80 degrees F or 26.6 degrees C... haha, I just used my phone to convert that!) but it feels warmer because of the humidity. I really don't like the heat (I know, I'm abnormal, my family reminds me all the time) so I'm holed up here in my nice and air conditioned room. I love A/C. My parents finally caved and bought me an A/C unit this year and it so nice!

So today's swatches are all of a brand that I love, as if you couldn't tell from the title, Sinful Colors, or simply Sinful as I always call it.

 My Sinful collection (top, middle) where they live in one of my polish drawers.

Sinful is a brand that I think it underrated because a lot of people don't like it simply because its a drugstore brand. It also gets a bad rep because some colors are known to be runny and sheer, which is true. Sometimes their formula sucks. And their colors are usually not unique. But this is also true of the majority of nail polish brands (drugstore brands, anyway.) I've also heard that Sinful has been known to have a poor wear time and staining issues, and I won't dispute this either. But as someone who usually changes their polish daily, wear time is not something that I'm concerned with. But for ladies that want their manicures to last for several days, I do not recommend Sinful because in my experience their wear in not good. So why do I love it if I've said so many negative things about it? They're cheap! $1.99 is their regular price and you can often find them for 99 cents on sale. They're also readily available at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS (I think) and some Targets. They're great for people just starting to get into nail polish collecting and who want to build a core color collection because they have every color and every finish. If you know what to look for and what to avoid, you can get some great shades by them. Shades I would recommend by them are: Let's Talk (my favorite color ever! Glowy purple/blue, opaque in 2 coats, gorgeous), Why Not (pretty bright blue, opaque in 2 coats), Happy Ending (gorgeous yellow toned green with gold shimmer, opaque in 2-3 coats), Boogie Nights (very flattering coral jelly, up to 4 coats for opacity but its a jelly) and 24/7 (bright, bright neon pink, sheer but can get by in 3 coats, 2 over white. A tip for this one: leave up-capped for 10 minutes or so and it will thicken up so you can do 2 coats) And then these 3 I'm going to show you!

Okay, enough babbling... onto the swatches!

Daddy's Girl. This is a gorgeous deep purple with pink glass fleck jelly that reminds me of grape jelly. This one is quite sheer but that's typical of jellies. This is shown at 4 coats. You could do less if you don't mind as much VNL or have horribly stained nails like me (I'm always saying I have "horribly stained nails" and here's the proof in the swatches of this color and the next color. I need to invest in some Bubble White or something.) Oh and ignore the bright pink flash at the bottom of the bottle in these pictures, that's my red camera! While there is a slight pink flash because of the pink flecks, its not that strong! You can also see my reflection in the bottle and nails... sorry!

IRL, I didn't have this much VNL and the color is richer more depth. Its more like the bottle. This color is truly gorgeous but not super flashy and will look like a dark dark purple indoors. Highly recommend this one, my pictures DO NOT do it justice. I suggest you Google this one and look at pictures of it.

Also, I should mention, I tried to do a proper clean-up of my nail, cuticle and "gap" area with a brush and acetone and actually put effort into it. I still need practice, as you can see I smudged my side of my pinkie in the process, but I tried. 

Forget Now (such a stupid name!) is a beautiful raspberry pink glass fleck jelly. Pictured is 4 coats but again, if you don't mind VNL and don't have stained nails, 2 would been fine. The formula on this one is a little bit more problematic than Daddy's Girl, I will admit. Its a little runny and thin and has a longer drying time, but with a color this gorgeous, I think its worth it! This color was VERY difficult to properly capture and after about 50 pictures I think I got it (third pic) This is the color that I mentioned a few posts ago that reminds me very strongly of China Glaze Ahoy! or China Glaze 108 Degrees or OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You? (any of them, because to me all 3 are very similar) so if you're lemming any of those and are on a budget (like me!) or simply can't find them, Forget Now may be a good substitute.

A bit brighter than it actually is, but my ring nail shows the insane glass fleck shimmer. Oh and that's my pool in the background. Its still being cleaned so it looks kinda green...

This is the most accurate picture I could get of this. Please be kind to my stained nails!

While I was outdoors swatching, my cat Marley and doggie Cocoa were just inside the screen door wanting to come outside... both are indoor pets! (Cocoa also wants to play, but doesn't understand the concept of fetch so she just carries her toys around in her mouth!)

Cocoa says, "I'm a good girl, I'm a good, good dog, see!?" Marley says, "Psshhhh... no you're not. Moron." And I just noticed the white thing attached to either her collar or toy dog... I think its a wrapper of some kind on the floor next to her and its an optical illusion.

Last is Midnight Blue (creative, huh?) which is a glowy, dark (though not in this picture) metallic (ish) shimmery blue. This was my problem child today. I took about 50 pictures of this one as well and not one is color accurate. Oh well. This is not the most unique color, for sure, but its surprisingly unique in my collection (if anyone knows of a dupe, please let me know!) The formula on this one is just okay. There are bubbles in this mani because I did this with the A/C on. Shown is 2 coats and it went on smoothly and dried pretty quickly, standard for my "good" Sinfuls. The formula was a little runny but not thin. I'm wearing this as a full mani today and I really like it. I've worn it before and I liked it then too. This is a pretty standard color for me as I like to wear dark shimmers and duochromes (though this one isn't a duochrome.) I recommend this color as well if you like these kind of colors and because its one of the "good" Sinfuls (IMO, of course)

Closer to accurate color although it looks strangely frosty here (its not frosty at all!) and brushstrokey (which its not!) Looks like bottle color here.

Closest to color accurate though you can my crappy clean-up job and application (I really did try!) and you lose the shimmer/metallic-ness.

Finally this is my Sinful collection again:

It bugs me how some have the little "SC" on the cap and some don't. Now here are the names, from memory (I'm so pathetic because I can do this...) 
Top Row L-R: Daddy's Girl*, Let's Talk*, Fiji^, Midnight Blue*, Love Nails*, Rise and Shine^ and Open Seas (from the new OPI Pirates dupe collection, the supposed dupe of Mermaid's Tears, untried)
Middle Row L-R: Mint Apple*, Envy*, HD Nails^, Happy Ending*, Irish Green^, Green Ocean^(flakie), and Unicorn^
Bottom Row L-R: Let's Meet^, Boogie Nights* (jelly), Gogo Girl* (jelly), Sugar Sugar (untried), Forget Now*, Pink^, (24/7* would normally go here but my sister has stolen it again and I don't know where it is...) Cream Pink* and then all alone in the very bottom row is Social Ladder* (sparkly, sheer nude, good for French manicures).
* = "good" one (good formula/color), recommend checking out
^ = crappy formula, don't recommend

So, I hope this post was helpful for at least someone (even if it helped one person, that would make me happy!) and I hope the rest of you who didn't find it helpful (are hopefully already Sinful fans!) had a great weekend and have/had a great Monday or whatever day you read this!

Thanks for reading, looking, commenting, and following!!



  1. Hahaha I love your babbling. I talk a lot too! But I like reading about the day to day makes bloggers seem like real people! There's plenty of people out there that just show pics and that's all, so it's good to get to hear the details of your life! I realllllly liked Forget soon as I saw it I thought it looked like CG 108 degrees, which I have, but I'd still totally pick this one up!


  2. Whitney- Thanks! I feel the same way, I like reading what other bloggers have to say. I really appreciate that you seem to truly care about my life! Haha! I hope you do pick it up and enjoy it. I'd also like to see a comparison of it and 108 Degrees if you do! <3

  3. Your pets are super adorable! :) And as far as "rambling", it is your blog so you should do as you please! :)


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